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This Helps Dry Baby Skin

Initially, many newborns have a rather dry skin. Babies, who are somewhat later than expected the world to come, especially tend. This is because their skin has largely been used up the “cheese Goo”: the cheese Goo, a whitish layer…
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36th Week of Pregnancy

This happened in the 36th week of pregnancy for MOM & baby… The baby is in the 36th week about 47 cm long and weighs around 2,750 grams. Many pregnant women already feel the first pangs of lowering in their 36th week of pregnancy. This…
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16th Week of Pregnancy

This happened in the 16th week of pregnancy for MOM & baby… The baby is in the 16th week of pregnancy while still not quite ten centimetres long and weighs just 90 grams, but it is already a little personality and diligent…
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Healthy Sleep During Pregnancy

Is A Good Night’s Sleep In The Revigoramos For The Next Day, So We Highlight Some Tips For Pregnant Women With Difficulty Sleeping. sleep and gravidezA pregnancy brings with it a series of organic changes in women, such as nausea, joint pain, snoring, restless legs syndrome, among others. Associated with this, inappropriate sleeping habits acquired over a lifetime, can cause the situation of pregnant women get even more critical when it comes to a good night’s sleep.

35th Week of Pregnancy

This happened in the 35th week of pregnancy for MOM & baby… When the baby in the 35th SSW to the world, it is referred to as “late Preemies”. Should this week burst the amniotic sac, go into labor or the cervix is open, then…
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17th Week of Pregnancy

This happened in the 17th week of pregnancy for MOM & baby… In the 17th week the baby weighs about 100 grams and 10.6 centimeters. Now starts in the fifth month of pregnancy . This month will bring many changes: the expectant mother will feel…
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How to Avoid and Treat Stains (Cloasmas) in Pregnancy

The Spots During Pregnancy Are Due To Hormonal Changes, Occurring As Well, A Training And Abnormal Production Of Melanin Causing A Darkening Of The Skin. stains on unwanted pregnancy spots as gravidezAs, known as cloasmas or melasmas, along with the darkening of nipples, formation of freckles and a dark line in the belly, arise as a result of hormonal changes during pregnancy, stimulated by aformation and abnormal production of melanin, which is responsible for the color of skin. About of 80% of pregnant women develop some kind of stain. The darker is the skin tone, the…
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34th Week of Pregnancy

This happened in the 34th week of pregnancy for MOM & baby… The fingernails of the babies are so long in the 34th week that it can scratch themselves on the surface. But don’t worry, they are at the same time also so…
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Tooth Whitening During Pregnancy

Dental Whitening Is The Laser Or With Products Is Contraindicated During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Period. tooth whitening in gravidezNão is that the woman be pregnant what should abandon once and for all the beauty and hygiene care, much less when it affects your self-esteem and well-being. The vast majority, by lack of information going on the whole pregnancy if restricting to accomplish everyday tasks even more trivial. The right thing at this time is to take the questions, trivia and questions to the doctor that goes with it to the relevant guidelines and recommendations. Tooth whitening during pregnancy

33rd Week of Pregnancy

This happened in the 33rd week of pregnancy for MOM & baby… From the 33rd week of pregnancy, starts also the 9th month of pregnancy the pregnanthas a checkup every two weeks instead of so far every four weeks. The baby is now about 2,000 grams…
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Bleeds That Occur During Pregnancy

Vaginal Bleeding May Have Different Causes, Before Panic It Is Important To Determine The Source Of The Blood, Regardless The Doctor Should Always Be Communicated. bleeding during pregnancy gravidezA is a wonderful period in the life of every woman, and that also inspires some care, as the completion of prenatal care, a healthy diet, avoid cigarettes and alcohol, among others, mainly in first-time moms. Bleeding during pregnancy Another factor that raises great concern in all pregnant women is the appearance of blood in her underwear, which ends up leaving him well apprehensive, and rightly…
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