Madagascar Country Profile 2014-2015

Madagascar is an island republic consisting of Madagascar, the world’s fourth largest island, as well as some small islands in the Indian Ocean. See for country profiles and abbreviations of Madagascar. Here you will find a unique biodiversity. Much of the fauna and flora is endemic (that is, it exists only in Madagascar), including the… Read more »

Comoros Country Profile 2008-2009

The most stable period in the Comoros since independence is threatened by new unrest on the island of Anjouan, by fuel and power shortages and by high food prices. 45 percent of the population lives below the poverty line, and high food prices on the world market threaten food security. The Comoros experienced their first… Read more »


On April 18, 2010, it was 30 years since Zimbabwe became independent. President Robert Mugabe has been in power throughout this period, despite the fact that several of the elections have been highly debated, especially because the use of violence has been extreme in many election campaigns. Since the formation of the Movement for Democratic… Read more »

Bugaboo Baby Stroller Profile

Bugaboo Logo:   Brand facts: Bugaboo is a world leading mobility company specializing in producing strollers which aims to encourage people to go outside and explore the world. They are quite famous for their innovative and distinguish design which increases the flexibility of the movement with more functions and lighter weight. * Definition of baby:… Read more »

Teutonia Baby Stroller Profile

Teutonia Logo: Brand Facts: Teutonia is a stroller manufacture in Germany producing safe, comfortable and high quality products for parents and their children. Quality, Comfort, Design, Customization are four key values they keep on following. Their products can well help to take care of kids and provide you a better life. Main Categories: Strollers, car… Read more »

Mutsy Baby Stroller for Middle East

Mutsy Logo:     Brand Facts: Mutsy has been a world leading manufacturer of baby products since 1937, including strollers, chairs, baby seats, and accessories. Their strollers are like a travel system which accompany with your child as he growing. People are very fond of their products which are both fashionable and functional. Main Categories:… Read more »

Contours Baby Baby Strollers Profile

Contours Baby   Logo:     Brand Facts: – Contours is a premium baby gear brand that is focused on providing parents and grandparents with innovative baby gear that fits into your ever-changing lifestyle. – Contours baby products are centered on innovative designs to fit your family’s ever-changing needs. Main Categories: Baby strollers, bassinets, accessories

The First Years Baby Stroller Profile

The First Years Logo:     Brand Facts: The first years is a professional baby care brand including feeding, care, travel, nursery and play products. They are aiming to help every family get ready for raising a kid, live more safely and happily, and create some memorable experience for them. Main Categories: Car seats, strollers,… Read more »

Babyzen ZEN & LML

Babyzen Logo: Brand facts: ZEN and LML (note) were created by a group of French individuals who share the opinion that parents and babies around the world urgently needed better mobility. They wanted to make baby strollers light, useful and nice.   Main Categories: Baby strollers, carrycots   Founding: Time and place: 2010, France Early… Read more »

Foundations Baby Strollers Profile

Foundations Logo:   Brand facts: Foundations cribs are used worldwide by more hotels than all other brands combined. Designed specifically for hospitality use, there is no substitute.   Main Categories: Cots, cribs, crib sheets, strollers

Obaby Baby Stroller

Obaby Logo: Brand facts: Obaby is a British brand specializing in manufacturing baby care products including prams, car seats, furniture, nursery, high chairs and other accessories. They hope to produce original and reliable products with high quality, safety and fashionable designs to meet the needs of parents and babies for living better.

Summer Infant Baby Stroller

Summer Infant Logo: Brand facts: Summer Infant is an American brand specializing in manufacturing baby care products including monitoring, nursery, bath & potty, gear & travel and other accessories. Their goal is to produce safest and innovative products for babies’ safety and help parents and babies to live an easier and happier life.

Kinderwagon Baby Stroller

Kinderwagon Logo: Brand facts: Kinderwagon is an American brand specializing in manufacturing high quality baby strollers which can help parents and babies to live easier and better. Their slogan is “Life is ‘always in motion’”, for their goal is to provide comfortable and engaging ride for babies and relaxed driving experience for parents.

Kiddy Baby Stroller Germany

Kiddy Logo: Brand facts: Kiddy is a world famous brand specializing in manufacturing children’s car seats and accessories for protecting the safety of children in the car. They focus on the key elements of safety, comfort and design, thus each of their products is made in fashionable style combined with high quality and comfort for… Read more »

Jane Baby Stroller

Jane Logo: Brand facts: Jane is a world leading brand specializing in manufacturing baby care products including strollers, prams, car seats, feeding, bathing and other accessories. Driven by their own experience as parents, they are devoted to creating the best products to help parents protect their babies with safety and security.

i’coo Baby Stroller Profile

i’coo Logo: Brand facts: I’coo is a subsidiary brand of Hauck in Germany, specializing in manufacturing lifestyle prams, buggy, baby furniture, car seats and accessories. Their mission is to design high quality baby care products to meet the needs of modern parents and their babies for better life.

Guzzie+Guss Baby Carrier

Guzzie+Guss Logo: Brand facts: Guzzie+Guss is a Canadian brand specializing in manufacturing baby gears including strollers, high chairs, rockers, mattress and accessories in modern and fashionable styles. Driven by their experience as parents, they are devoted to producing the best products made by fine fabrics and materials to meet the needs of modern parents and… Read more »

Brevi Baby

Brevi Logo: Brand facts: Brevi is an Italian brand specializing in manufacturing baby care products including travel systems, high chairs, strollers, feeding, cots and other accessories. They focus on safety and comfort for their products with non-toxic materials and rounded corners, they aim to produce recognized products to meet the needs of parents for raising… Read more »

Baby Roues

Baby Roues Logo: Brand facts: Baby Roues is an American brand specializing in manufacturing high quality strollers and accessories for children from infant to toddler. With innovative creations and advanced technology, their products are designed to be lightweight, urban and durable which can bring parents and their babies comfort and convenience.

Baby Cargo BTW

Baby Cargo Logo: Brand facts: Baby Cargo is an American brand specializing in designing and manufacturing parenting gears including strollers, bags and accessories with high quality and affordable price. Their mission is to create smart and fashionable baby care products for parents to live a easier and more comfortable life and help babies’ first dreams… Read more »