Yes You Can Get Pregnant While Das Chest

It is true that nursing is an effective natural contraceptive method, while baby sucks inhibits ovulation, but it is not to commit itself to the conditions to make it absolutely safe are very precise.

Many women believe that while they are breastfeeding cannot they become pregnant, thus without nuances, but it is not so simple.

In fact, I know several that have become pregnant while they are breastfeeding until it fell them rule after giving birth.

There is a direct relationship between the baby’s sucking and the absence of ovulation. The hormonal changes that occur when the baby sucks make the suspension of ovulation, how much more times a day the baby mama is the contraceptive efficacy.

This contraceptive method is known by the name of MELA and method of lactation amenorrhea and has a 98% effectiveness.

But, what are the requirements that must be met to make the method effective?

  • The mother still has no rule and is within the first 6 months after delivery.
  • The baby is exclusively fed with breastfeeding on demand and often both during the day and during the night, without any supplementary feeding.
  • There are no pauses between takes more than 6 hours.

If the three are met, it is unlikely that you are pregnant, however the figures indicate that you between a 1 and 11% of pregnant women remain during the period of amenorrhoea, i.e. returning to conceive without having the rule.

If some of the three conditions is not fulfilled at 100 percent, it is possible to get pregnant, why you should consider using a supplementary contraceptive method.