Yellow Fever: 7 Things Pregnant Women and Mothers Should Know

During our life we ​​come across the most diverse diseases, some simpler and some more serious, but all must be treated. Yellow fever is a concern for pregnant women.

Yellow Fever: 7 Things Pregnant Women and Mothers Should Know

One disease that is scaring Brazilians is yellow fever and pregnant women and mothers of newborns should be on the lookout for not getting the disease.

See special care students that pregnant women and moms must have.

Things Every Pregnant Mother Should Know About Yellow Fever

Infants  less than six months old should not be vaccinated 

This is because the vaccine has live attenuated virus, which can cause a very serious reaction in babies.

Babies between six months and nine months living in risky areas should be vaccinated. However, vaccination is only indicated after 9 months of age.

Mothers of infants less than 6 months who take the vaccine should stay 10 days without suckling

If the woman insists on taking the yellow fever vaccine, she should prepare to stay 10 days without breastfeeding her infant.

When the period goes by you can return to breastfeeding normally. It is important to stay the 10 days without breastfeeding so as not to run the risk of passing the vaccine virus to the baby.

Women with babies over 6 months should take the vaccine

In this case there is no contraindication, and the woman can continue breastfeeding her baby.

If the mother gets yellow fever, she can not breastfeed her baby.

A woman who gets yellow fever can not breastfeed her baby. Even because it would not achieve, therefore, this disease causes fever, pain in the body, sickness and nausea.

Mothers should know if they breastfeed their babies and can pass the disease on to them.

The vaccine is a single dose

The yellow fever vaccine is a single dose. Therefore, children who have the second dose scheduled to take after age 5, will not need to take the vaccine again.

The mosquito that transmits the yellow fever is not the same in the urban and wild region

The mosquito transmitting wild yellow fever that is acting and killing people is the Haemagogus. The cause of urban yellow fever is Aedes Aegypt.

Children who use inhaled corticosteroids may be vaccinated

Children who take inhaled corticosteroids may be vaccinated because doses are low. However children who take medicines with corticosteroids can only take the vaccine against yellow fever after passing a pediatrician.

Therefore, mothers and babies should take the vaccine against yellow fever, because this disease is very serious and can lead people to death. Before being vaccinated or taking the baby for vaccination talk to a specialist to see if there is no contraindication.