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By | January 2, 2023

Wyoming is a member state of the United States of America. Located in the Rocky Mountains region, it covers an area of ​​253 597 km2 and has a population of 508 700 (2004).

It borders the states of Montana in the northwest and north, South Dakota and Nebraska in the east, Colorado in the south, Utah in the southwest, and Idaho in the west. The capital is the city of Cheyenne. Wyoming extends to the east Elevated by the Plains, high plateaus of Piedmont from the Rocky mountains to the northeast by the Black Hills (“black hills”), consecrated Sioux mountains, which culminate in Wyoming at 2 029 m (Warren Peaks).

Wyoming Landmarks

The center and west of the state are made up of the Rocky Mountains, which form high chains – Laramie Mountains, Absaroka arrangements, Wind Riveting arrangements, etc. – culminating at 4 207 m to Gannett Peak and separated by vast depressions more or less closed – Big Horn basin, Wyoming basin, etc. These basins constitute a passage through the mountainous barrier of the Rochosos. The volcanic plateau of Yellowstone, to the northwest of the State, knows phenomena of geysers (of which Old Faithful celebrates it), fumerolles, of hot springs, etc. The main rivers, which have carved deep gorges (including the great gorge of Yellowstone), are Snake, Green and the affluent Missouri – North Platte, Yellowstone, Bighorn. The state has a large natural lake, Lake Yellowstone, and vast artificial water retentions, of which the Flaming Garganta lake. Coniferous forests cover one sixth of the territory (mountainous slopes). The internal basins and the High Plains have xerophile vegetation (armoise, spiny clump, grasses). The climate is semi-arid continental type. Wyoming is one of the driest states in the United States. Its capital is Cheyenne.

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Wyoming is a state of the United States of America and is located in the north of the country. Wyoming’s state motto is “Equal Rights”, hence the name of the state: Equality State. The east of the region belongs to the Great Plains while the west already merges into the Rocky Mountains.

Buffalo Bill, bison hunting and women’s rights

Before today’s Wyoming was conquered by European settlers, mainly Indian tribes lived here who earned their livelihood by hunting bison. The animals served them as a source of food and the fur, bones and hair of the animals were important components of their culture and life. The European immigrants recognized this fact very quickly and when it came to driving the Indian tribes out of their areas, they began to decimate the bison population until it was no longer sufficient as a livelihood for the Indians.

During the bison hunt, one of them attracted particular attention. William Frederick Cody, better known as Buffalo Bill, became a famous and successful bison hunter and entertainer.

Wyoming’s history is not only burdened with sad memories. Wyoming was the first area in what is now the United States to introduce women’s suffrage in 1869. Wyoming was a progressive state in terms of women’s rights throughout history. The first female MP in the US Parliament was from Wyoming, and the first female governor was also elected in Wyoming.

Great Plains, Rocky Mountains and endless expanses – paradise for nature fans

Wyoming’s natural landscape is full of contrasts. In the west, the Rocky Mountains dominate the landscape. The mountains not only influence the landscape but also the climate, vegetation and fauna. In the east, the region merges into the Great Plains. Here dominates the wide plain where the bison used to live and where today mainly agriculture is practiced.

Several national parks, natural monuments and state parks are dedicated to the beautiful nature in Wyoming. Grand Tenton National Park is in western Wyoming. Here you can find some of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in the region and the many lakes in the valleys and on the plains contribute to a varied landscape.

The Yellowstone National Park is the oldest national park in the world and is one of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Not only is the landscape beautiful here, the wildlife is also unique. Wolves, bison and grizzly bears still live in this area today and make the region so special and worth protecting.

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