Who will be Involved in Childbirth?

by | June 23, 2020

In most cases, the woman’s partner is involved in childbirth. But that’s only been the last 30-40 years. About 50 years ago, most women gave birth at home.

It was then common for the woman to be surrounded by her immediate relatives, but usually other women.

Who will be Involved in Childbirth?

For the women who gave birth in hospitals, childbirth became a very lonely process in a strange environment among foreign people. The woman often had difficulty getting calm and feeling the security that is a prerequisite for being able to relax during the breaks from the painters and concentrate on the painters.

It is therefore a good change that women today tend to have their partner at birth and / or a girlfriend, mother, mother-in-law or father.

How do you choose who to join?

A birth is a very private and intimate experience. It is often a long and strenuous process, which requires the possibility of amusement, calm and concentration. The birth can begin as a flash from a clear sky and it is impossible to predict when it will happen.

During the first few hours the woman may well feel outward, active and willing to have company, but as the painters become more powerful, most women need a calm atmosphere. The woman should not have to talk too much or take a stand on something.

Maybe the woman wants to listen to calm music or get a light massage, maybe she just wants to take it easy with one of her closest ones with whom she feels safe.

Who should you choose?

The person who is supposed to be at birth should be a person with whom the woman really feels safe together. Someone she feels she can be 100 percent herself with, even if she would lose self-control, open herself, behave in a way she couldn’t imagine or suddenly start vomiting.

It should be someone that the woman has easy contact with, no matter when she needs it, and who has the opportunity to get to the hospital quickly. Partly to be there before the woman should give birth, but also as security for the woman so that she does not have to be alone.

Finally, the person should be patient and be able to talk to the woman but also be quiet when she wants to.

How many to join?

Whether or not more people should participate at birth is of course the woman’s choice. If the participants do not like each other, the security that is intended to be created through their presence is broken.