What to Put in His Toiletry Case of Maternity?

Towards the end of pregnancy, or even prior to impatiens, the future mother prepares her suitcase and her baby for the first days of his life as a mother.
Motherhood often provides a list of the things to be expected: outfits, accessories etc. But the mother-to-be rarely find advice for his toilet Kit.
Yet fully prepared may be essential for a stay of the most successful.

During his first days with his baby, the young mother discovers motherhood. Its only moments of woman will be those in the bathroom, these moments where she rediscover this body which brought life, and who rebuilds to love rich in this new experience. Yet the first days the reflection in the mirror can play tricks, especially in the case of the baby blues. This is why it is essential to be pampered, even if there is only a few minutes to agree. This body who gave you the most beautiful gifts deserves although it pampers non? This will be your birth gift to yourself!

My toilet Kit special maternity

That’s why I made a small video of advice on the content of the kit of toilet during the stay: with the content of the kit of toilet ideal that I have taken to motherhood… If I had the time to prepare before!

A little extra advice for the bathroom at the hospital: plan flops it is silly but it is often very slippery!