Washington DC Public Libraries by County

By | January 2, 2023

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The city is located on the east coast of the USA and therefore has a pleasant humid climate. Especially the spring time is a popular travel time for tourists in this region.

In spring, the Japanese cherry blossom trees, south of the National Mall, unfold their full beauty. The trees were once given to the city by the country of Japan.

Washington DC – from history to art to a lively nightlife

There is a lot to experience from history to art to a lively nightlife. Especially those who are interested in American history will get their money’s worth here.

Famous buildings include the Capitol, the White House, the Washington Monument, China Town and also the Supreme Court building. A number of the museums in DC also offer a lot of interesting things to see. Many of the museums can be visited without admission. For example the National Portrait Gallery. The people of the city owe this to the Smithonian Institute. It manages 19 museums and the National Zoo and gives everyone free entry to all of these facilities. In addition to art and history, the city also has a lot to offer architecturally. For every era that the city has already existed, there are impressive buildings here that can at least be admired from the outside. Probably the oldest house in Washington, the Old Stone House exists since 1764 and is a witness of the long history.

Various museums and war memorials bear witness to America’s political history. The National World War 2 Memorial and the Korean War Veterans Memorial are in close proximity to the White House and the Lincoln Memorial and the famous Reflection Pool.

Washington DC – A city in the middle of history

Washington DC is located on the east coast of the United States and is the capital and seat of government of the United States. The abbreviation DC stands for District of Columbia.

Washington DC is not, as is usual in the USA, in a state but in a district.

George Washington – the first President of the USA

The city is named after George Washington. The first president of the USA is omnipresent here.

The most famous building in town is arguably the White House, which we can see on the news almost every day.

Before the first Europeans settled in this area, an Indian tribe lived here. The Nacotchtank settled here on the Anacostia River. The first European establishment here was Georgetown. Georgetown is now part of Washington, but was then part of the Province of Maryland colony. Washington was not the first capital of the United States. The first time was the capital New York. Here became George Washingtonsworn in. In order to find a permanent place for a seat of government and a capital, George Washington decided on a swampy stretch of land that was located in both Maryland and Virginia. The first building that was erected for the new capital was the White House, which was to be the seat of the American President in the future. On June 11, 1800, Washington DC became the permanent capital of the United States.

During the British-American War, parts of the capital were badly damaged and the government had to flee to Virginia. The Capitol and the White House also suffered some damage. The fire caused by the fighting destroyed many buildings.

Washington DC’s population grew rapidly during the American Civil War. As the area expanded and slaves were freed, more and more people moved to the capital. In Washington DC, the Compensated Emancipation Act abolished the slavery of President Lincoln in 1862, nine months before the official liberation of the slaves.

During the civil rights movement in the early 1960s, the famous March on Washington took place. 200,000 people gathered for a demonstration at the Lincoln Memorial to fight for an end to racial discrimination. Here Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous speech “I have a dream”.

When America was hit by attacks in 2001, the capital was hit too. However, there were no direct attacks within the city limits. The Pentagon, which is located in nearby Arlington, was hit by an airplane. A passenger plane that was supposed to be flown to Washington DC crashed in Pennsylvania.