Various Advice for You Who are Pregnant

by | June 23, 2020


Sexual intercourse during pregnancy is not associated with adverse effects.

Medicines and herbal medicines

Many drugs lack documentation that they are safe to use during pregnancy. It is therefore best to avoid drugs when you are pregnant. Check with a doctor which medicines can be used in pregnancy.

Various Advice for You Who are Pregnant


There are no known limits to what is safe alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Therefore, total abstinence from alcohol is recommended.


Use of drugs during pregnancy is associated with the risk of birth defects. Methadone treatment for opiate addiction can be life-saving.


Pregnants should not smoke. Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk that the baby in the stomach will not grow as much as it would otherwise have done. Young children have an increased risk of complications during pregnancy, as well as during and after childbirth.

Hair dressing

Hair coloring and hair treatment have not been shown to harm the fetus, but the council is still to avoid this during the first third of pregnancy.

The workplace

Some types of work may be less suitable for pregnant women. This is especially true for jobs that involve standing for long periods of time, or being exposed to chemicals that are associated with complications during pregnancy.

Physical training

Pregnant women should be careful about participating in sports where there is a risk of falling or being hit or kicked in the abdomen. Diving is not recommended during pregnancy. Otherwise, physical exercise is recommended and there is evidence that a combination of cardio and strength training in pregnancy is beneficial for well-being and progress. Exercise regularly, for at least 30 minutes, most of the week. Pregnant people who exercise hard physically should dampen the intensity of exercise after half the pregnancy.

Sleeping position

Pregnants are recommended to sleep on the side instead of on the back, especially during the latter part of the pregnancy.

Hot bath and sauna

You should probably avoid hot baths and saunas during the first third of pregnancy.

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Traveling by air is safe for pregnant women up to about four weeks before the estimated delivery date. Longer flights may be associated with increased risk of blood clotting disease in the legs. Discuss this with a doctor before it is time to travel.

The birth

In general, it is recommended that you contact the labor ward when the painters start coming regularly.

If the amniotic fluid goes, contact the delivery department. For pregnant women where the fetal head has not been fixed in the pelvis (or the fetal seat at the sitting position), it is recommended that the woman be transported to the maternity ward. Consult the childbirth department about this.


Mother’s breast milk contains the best nutrition for most children. The exception is if the mother has an HIV infection, uses drugs or some drugs.