Vaginal Fungus In Pregnancy

Not between your legs include mushrooms fresh on the pizza-! Unfortunately, sees the Monsignor Candida albicans differently and stubbornly spreading just during pregnancy.

Why does the vaginal fungus in pregnancy?

A settlement with the yeast fungus Candida albicans is on and we all quite often – without that there are problems.As soon as the natural germ colonisation on a part of our body but go back, so a fungus spreads but rapidly.

The local flora is destroyed, so called germ colonisation, often by the treatment with antibiotics. But also under stress, we are more prone to a candidiasis.

The ideal breeding ground for a fungal infection is a high sugar content in the tissue .

So the diet and blood sugar levels in our body weight fall, when we are vulnerable to the spread of the yeast fungus.Also a poverty of red blood cells can be a starting point for a nasty fungal infection.

The hormonal changes of pregnancy support the rise of this sugar content in your vaginal lining.

Then we go already: it itches, Burns, and feels really corrosive.

How dangerous is the vaginal fungus in pregnancy?

If it itches uncomfortably between the legs, it may be that your first thought to your baby murmurs. Is all well with him? Exchange your maternity fashion tips on

But your baby is well protected in his amniotic sac. There it is sterile.

At normal birth your baby comes true with your vaginal flora in contact, but a contact with a yeast fungus never automatically mean an infection with symptoms! Spores of fungi are everywhere in our environment, without having a spread with symptoms must occur.

Should your baby even once have a fungal infection, there are also as good and well tolerated treatment options!These should be applied at an early stage. Fungal infections can lead in your baby’s mouth to breastfeeding problems and the infection of your nipples.

Your baby seems to want to come too early and with less than 1500 g birth weight in the world and you’re suffering at this time on a vaginal fungal infection, it is recommended that you adhere will be treated before birth. Also your premature then expected to receive prophylactic treatment for several weeks.

But back to you.

It is nevertheless very useful to treat the unpleasant infection with the vaginal fungus before birth. So neither you, nor in the stupidest case your baby after birth, symptoms of a fungal infection bear.

To the diagnosis, your Gynecologist can help you. She can also exclude whether it is another type of infection. It is important to exclude especially bacterial infections, which must be treated in turn in a timely manner, not to jeopardize the course of the pregnancy.

How to treat a vaginal fungus in pregnancy?

Although it – due to a vaginal fungus – hardly (never there never are in medicine) comes to premature uterine contractions, trust another way than with a drug to choose only a few. Bacterial infections, this risk is clearly higher.

No matter what treatment path is chosen. Fungal infections must always after the symptoms still a long time be treated further. This does not happen very frequently to a renewed flare up of symptoms. It is simply because that the spread of the fungus was again possible.

Base of each treatment of a vaginal fungus in the pregnancy must be that it consists of at least 2, possibly up to 4 components .

  1. Treatment for the reduction of Candida albicans (this is 80% of the infection-inducing yeast) on the vaginal mucous membrane
  2. Construction of the physiological flora of the vaginal mucous membrane
  3. Acidification of the Scheidenmileus
  4. Hygiene!

Alternative treatment methods are by no means ineffective – but not always “soft”. Natural medicine can – depending on the active ingredient – also cause irritation or even do not lead to the desired result, such as the most common form of treatment with active ingredient clotrimazole.

Because I had followed the ordeal of a girlfriend and her unwanted guest despite clotrimazole before my pregnancy, I’ve already researched a wide possibility of various treatment options in my pregnancy.

[redbox] This summary does not replace medical advice, but is intended for the information! [/ redbox]

10 components to successfully treat the vaginal fungus in pregnancy

The various pharmaceutical forms need a partly explicit description of the application in the genital area. If you feel uncomfortable, I ask you on a read more to give.

1. correct choice of material from the vaginal fungus

A climate conducive to fungal growth is created in your genital area if you’re wearing synthetic underwear, which is only slightly permeable to air.

The recommendation is to wear underwear made from 100% cotton. A small percentage of elastane is often in the rubber of the rib.

Some manufacturers specify that the so-called “gusset” – so is the double stitched area in the pants – 100% cotton.Since it is important to look closely and ask for details at the merchants.

You should choose air-permeable also outer clothing in the form of pants & skirts.

2. proper hygiene from the vaginal fungus

Candida albicans adheres to many types of surfaces just fine.

Wash clothes correctly

It is important that the linen also is washable at 60 ° and also according to hot wash. Especially economical washing machines often do not reach this temperature. Then, an even hotter program should be used.

A test cycle with a single attempt panties reveals how hot you can actually wash it.

Towels and other washable materials that come with your private parts in contact, must be washed appropriately hot.

A frequent changes is essential.

Proper hand hygiene

Good hand hygiene means, above all, that you wash the hands friends time. A ph neutral hand washing gel well foaming and thoroughly washes away.

Frequent hand washing rather to the contrary effect, because dry skin rather niche to the spread of germs found in, a moisturizing hand disinfection is stubborn infections thinking instead to choose. But this is an exception for special situations.

Also other materials, tubs and what may have come with the fungus in contact, should be cleaned accordingly.

3. proper medical treatment

The drug of choice in the allopathic treatment of Candida albicans in pregnancy is the active ingredient clotrimazole. The alternative active ingredient fluconazole can in the pregnancy for a short-term therapy applied, is third in the first pregnancy but not recommended.

Clotrimazole as cream

Is usually treated with a cream over 6 days. It is served daily with one each fresh (!) Applicator introduced into the vagina before bedtime. The outer area of the vagina is also covered with the cream.

Clotrimazole vaginal suppositories or vaginal Tablet

In pregnancy the vaginal mucosa is particularly sensitive. Again and again, the applicators is discouraged from using.

Then, it may be easier to use the prescription drug as a vaginal suppository or vaginal tablet. This can be deeply inserted also with the fingers in the vagina.

The preferred time is before a long period of existence – so in the evening before going to bed. The active ingredient of remains there where he should be.

General treatment creams for vaginal fungus

You will find it unpleasant to have leftovers of the preparation in your underwear, you can use air-permeable panty liners.

The treatment about 6 days often not sufficient. Will be better, your complaints shortly before the end of the treatment period please to a subsequent recipe. Only in this way, the treatment can be completed.

You don’t do that it’s easily possible that the symptoms will return. This is not per se bad – but because of the very unpleasant symptoms but very annoying.

4. proper naturopathic way against the vaginal fungus

Nature knows different active ingredients, which disinfectant effect against fungi.

A tampon with tea tree oil or tea tree essence

That is quite known tea tree oil pad. To do this, a few drops are given to high-quality, natural tea tree oil on a tampon and introduced.

Tea tree oil is a strong-looking plant and can cause irritation to the mucous membrane.

Therefore a mixture with a carrier oil is frequently, eg. Organic olive oil or organic almond oil is recommended, where the tampon leading to a soaked.

Clove of garlic

Also garlic belongs to the antifungal-looking plants. It contains the active ingredient Allicin.

The oral ingestion of garlic capsules was tested in a small study, which however relevance must be classified as a little. No effect was detected in the short observation period .

Also a local application is described again and again.

To do this, the peeled garlic clove can be pierced with a needle knot a thread which is intended to facilitate the return. The treatment is described by 2 x for 12 hours each. Always use a new, peeled garlic clove. To avoid burn-you can tie up the toe in a small Stülpa Association.

Grated the garlic needs to be mixed. This describes the mixture with yogurt in the field of herbal medicine. The diluted yogurt-garlic mixture can be introduced with a tampon into the vagina.

Also, garlic can be used in the context of a Sitzbades. To a clove scratched on is mixed with pleasantly cool water in a bath tub or the shower.

As well as in all essential means it can cause local application on the vaginal mucous membrane additional irritation.

5. proper aroma therapy according to Stadelmann

If you have the book “Midwife clinic” at home, you can read different recommendations there as well.

In all naturopathic applications it recommends in pregnancy in principle first with gentle, strong dilutions of the treatments to begin. You experienced an increased sensitivity and a good response to naturopathic treatments specifically for pregnant women. It provides a basic introduction to aromatherapy in the back of your book.

Its first recommendation is therefore always the choice of Sitzbädern. The concentration is only reinforced, if not beat gentle applications .

The above products of aromatherapy after Sanchez can be obtained from the Bahnhof apotheke in Kempten also shipped .

Tea tree rose Hydrolate after Sanchez

The Hydrolate comes as a pump spray. It is an aqueous solution, which does not burn.

A common application is recommended at the beginning of the treatment. This is most easily done over the toilet, wide open legs. You should spread good your labia for this purpose, to easily reach all the angles when spraying.

In the course of treatment – if your symptoms are in decline – this you reduce the application on 3 times a day and they lead away for yet some time.

Sanchez in her book recommends rinsing with a diluted solution of Hydrolates for infections of the mucous membrane within the vagina.

Tea tree rose balm after Sanchez

Actually, not thinking for application to the mucous membrane, yet repeatedly recommended, is the tea tree rose balm.

In a forum, a person concerned describes the application as with a very nice “ohhhh hooo” – effect. Cause is as cooling tingling perceptible effect of the active ingredients. This may look but also as very unpleasant. Testing with a very small amount on a small skin area is always recommended.

Tea tree ovules after Sanchez

The vaginal suppositories are used for treatment in the vagina. A high dilution with the carrier is well tolerated.

Lavender & rose

Both oils are described as an alternative to tea tree oil. You can be used as a mixture in different ways, just like the other essential substances. Is conceivable as a sitz bath and with yogurt as a carrier on a pad.

6 proper homeopathic treatment ways against the vaginal fungus

In a classical homeopathic treatment according to the principle “The same with the same” you should itself or in collaboration with a classical homeopath, search for the right means for you.

This can be the choice on one of the most common remedies applied for vaginal fungus, or on a completely different.

Often described homeopathic remedies are in borax, Belladonna, Lilium tigrinum, Kreosotum, Pulsatilla, and sepia.

In the self-therapy, powers are often recommended by D12 with 3 gifts with 5 globules. A more cautious approach and the collaboration with a specialist for homeopathy are recommended for higher powers.

A completely different approach with the homeopathy to work, I met for the first time in connection with the treatment of the Candida albicans.

While the yeast is itself so edited and raised to use him as a Homöopathikum against the fungus. Albicansan is the product, which is available in different dosage forms and low potency.

Depending on which areas of the skin are affected Albicansan comes into the vagina as a suppository to the usage and the vulva in cream or liquid form.

All types of dosage are no problem with Albicansan alcohol-free and hence on mucous membranes.

7 real influence on the Scheidenmileu

As above mentioned:

You can throw out your uninvited guest as often as you like. If it finds a suitable spot, he comes back immediately and graced you to another round.

The only way to prevent this is to fill the “secluded place” with welcome guests.

You can do that by early – to call the good bacteria – protects your natural vaginal flora, gain and strengthen.

Or, you start at the latest at signs of fungal infection in your vagina thus. Also at this time, a strengthening and support your vaginal flora can ensure that your body by itself prevents the spread of the fungus.

But how do you do this practically?

For one, it means that you should already watch your hygiene.

However differently than you’s do now.

Certainly… you wash thoroughly. But this is wrong !

If SOAP or just clear water are used in the genital area, change the typically acidic Mileu. The pH is usually already pulled through the hormonal changes of your pregnancy affected. To take him, then still the alkaline action of soaps is him taking all resistance.

Should you not want to give up the cleaning of your genital area, you should use a pH acid washing gel for this area of the body.

Unfortunately, providing on many washing gel is quite veiled. That’s why I found a washing gel, which explicitly has a pH of 3.5 . Thus, it helps to soften the only light, but still existing, alkaline effect of the water itself. It is available only in the pharmacy, as far as I know. By the company Sagella. Of course you can refrain from completely!

You can also make an acidification your Scheidenmileus , by helping to Vagi-C with the vaginal suppositories.

You can use alternating these with Vagiflor vaginal suppositories, to strengthen the location flora of the vaginal mucosa .

In this combination, the Scheidenmileu will be uncomfortable for the mushrooms and the healthy flora settles back more.

You can strengthen the vaginal flora with yogurt tampon. The contained lactic acid bacteria belong to the good bacteria, which are welcome there.

8 correct diet for vaginal fungus inclination

In pregnancy as well as otherwise reflected time and again that it is generally cheap to eat little sugar and white flour. With the nasty cravings, as well as with long periods of nausea, which is not so easy.

A balanced diet according to your pregnancy and the prevention of fungus need more frequent or at least regular meals. Abundant vegetables, protein from meat or legumes and whole grain carbohydrates. Fruit is winner of many important vitamins, but also in the form of fruit sugar, you can take on too much sugar in your body.

A common recommendation is to increase the lactic acid bacteria in the body generally. That should work well by you eat pure natural yoghurt.

At the WA(h)l-sport of many pregnant women, it is where all are – in the water. Here, mushrooms can be unnecessarily transferred. Protected will you, by helping you and your body with a barrier method: a Tampon with oil and if necessary the tea tree oil as protection during the swim, which is then removed.

9 correct prevention instead of treatment

Prevention of a vaginal fungal infection is particularly important, and yet often not considered during treatment with antibiotics.

Antibiotics are means that are effective against bacteria.

The he must be treated after germ root, a different antibiotic is used. Most are antibiotics with a so-called “broad spectrum” yet. You kill off many species of bacteria. In most cases, he discovered the bacteria that have caused you just an infection.

With even greater security, you reduce but also the good strains of bacteria with antibiotics as it exists around and in us.

Especially in the intestine and the vagina. Of course elsewhere.

Symptoms of a yeast infection are not always the result. But so often that it is really worthwhile early preventive action to think.

These can consist of:

Multigyn gel

Cleaning only with water instead of SOAP

Strengthen Döderleinbakterien with yogurt

Okuabaka Globuli parallel to the strengthening

You can watch your personal pH of course with ph test strips. Just for pregnant women that some health insurance companies free care offered during your pregnancy. Inquiries worth!

10 really thinking ahead – at the latest when persistent vaginal fungus

Of course, you have to wait till you get the feeling again and again to suffer from a fungal infection. But when you’re the second or third time, affected thinking should spread out once again.

Often forgotten – and yet so important! As a partner with intimate contact points, you can infect yourself ever again with the help of your husband’s. Even if you were already off the fungus. This re infection is there more often in mother child breastfeeding pairs.

There must be a fungal infection generally exposed to all close body contact persons of the treatment be held parallel.

Treatment with the utmost determination. So also the hygiene. Even if the parties show no symptoms.

Stubborn fungal infections can also be investigated in a special laboratory on sensitivity. With the Institute for micro-ecology in Herborn you can perform a vaginal status – supporting your doctor or your midwife -, if you notice symptoms of your vaginal flora imbalance or already suffering symptoms.

Moreover, tests in the laboratory may also result in which Phytho aromatherapy, but, what “classic” medical therapy will successfully combat the sickening bacteria or yeasts. So, you can easily handle a lengthy infection Bunny and all risks.


You see–you’re not the only one who is grappling with the topic “Vaginal fungus” in pregnancy. It’s a hassle, but frequently occurring theme. But much is better: it can be helped friends!

Ultimately rid your vaginal fungus in your pregnancy to tell what has helped you, you can use a pseudonym;). I think it’s very important to get the theme out of the woodwork, so many of us women soon get rid of the annoying theme!

And please: share this article. Because there are really many good and effective way to naturally get rid of a vaginal fungus! Just below, press on the button of your favorite network.


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