Use of Seat Belt during Pregnancy

by | June 23, 2020

Both seat belt and airbag are just as important when you are pregnant as you are otherwise.

Should I wear a seat belt when I’m pregnant?

Make sure you use the seat belt correctly. The waist and shoulder belt should prevent you from being ejected from the car. The shoulder belt ensures that the child is not exposed to the pressure from your body in the event of a collision. You should wear the seat belt no matter where you are in the car. Yes, you should always wear a seat belt. It protects both you and the unborn child. The most common reason why a fetus dies after a car crash is because the mother dies.

Use of Seat Belt during Pregnancy

How should the seat belt be placed?

You should use a three-point belt. That is, a waist and shoulder belt. The waist belt should sit under the abdomen, above the hips and as high up on the thigh as possible. The shoulder belt should run between the breasts and on the side of the abdomen. The seat belt straps should never go directly over the stomach. The belt should sit tight.

What should I do if I have a car accident?

You should be examined by a doctor as soon as possible, even if you do not think you are injured. Most injuries to an unborn child occur within a few hours of the accident. The doctor should examine you and the fetus as soon as possible after the injury, especially if the pregnancy has passed six months.

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What applies to airbags?

Most experts agree that airbags are safe and can protect the mother from head injuries. The airbag in the car should not be deactivated because you are pregnant. The airbag is no replacement for the seat belt. You should therefore always use a seat belt, even if the car has an airbag.

Where should I sit if I am a passenger?

As a passenger, you can push the seat back as far as possible. Injuries in the case of car accidents are usually less serious for passengers in the back seat. It is still important to use a seat belt. Where in the car the mother is sitting in a car accident has not been found to have any significance for the safety of the unborn child in a car accident. Late in pregnancy it is best to be a passenger, and push the seat back as far as possible.