The Ideal Companion; My Pregnancy Day by Day

Like many women I think I wanted a book that explains in detail what was going on in my stomach; From conception to the end of pregnancy.

At the beginning it is quite difficult I find it to be in the new role of “mother”, which is more of “carrier” in fact … The belly is not seen, we do not feel the baby, there is always a fear of losing …

The only thing that gives you an idea of ??what is happening, it is your morning sickness and chest swelling.

A little frustrated to feel so little, I turned to a book that would clear him to tell me what was going on below.

This is a comprehensive book that follows you day after day is aileurs it made me want to read it! It remains on my dining table and every morning at breakfast, I read my small weekly page.

Everything is very detailed and it will quickly become an essential of your pregnancy.

What’s nicer than to know that your baby’s bones are being formed, or it can finally hear you, or he pees for the first time!

I also learned a lot of things in my nutrition, the true role of ultrasound, uterine or placental abnormalities …

In short, a beautiful book, to afford or be ofrrir for about 35 € and 27 € in Belgium in France.