The Best Sexual Positions During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, a lot of attention: this is not the time for the period of celibacy. Learn about the best positions to have sex and achieve the desired orgasm.

The majority of couples, when you are expecting a baby, has many doubts about sex in pregnancy. It is normal and already here we seek to clarify some of these concerns. Sex in pregnancy is safe, healthy, it is recommended (unless, of course, that your doctor did not advise) and now it is important to know what are the best sexual positionsthat allow both of them to be comfortable but, mainly, to facilitate the orgasm of the two.

As we have already told you, you can have sex throughout the pregnancy, provided that you fancy and the doctor authorizes it. You only care to protect the belly from any kind of pressure or effort . With this in beware, get to know the five sexual positions that guarantee safe sex, comfortable and, the icing on the cake: the orgasm. Ah! We don’t need to remember that the woman must be very aroused and lubricated to be able to reach, with ease, the orgasm, is it?

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Or spooning, another of the names by which this position is also known. In this position, the couple is lying side by side, with the man behind the woman.

In addition to being one of the sexual positions preferred by men (not worth deny it!), it is extremely comfortable because the weight of the belly and uterus are well supported, without a lot of effort for the woman.

Already the partner, has a lot of leeway which allows you to make many variations of the initial position.


As the belly grows, this position becomes more comfortable because it keeps the stomach, literally, out of the way. In addition, it is known that from the third trimester, the woman should avoid lying on your back. This position is great, being pregnant or not, and is women to help the woman to achieve orgasm.

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To begin you will need a comfortable chair, preferably without arms. The man sits in the chair and the woman in his lap. This is, more or less, a variation of the first that allows the woman to reach orgasm, control the intensity of penetration at the same time that is aided by the man which decreases the effort. In this sexual position, is the middle path to reach the point G.


With the man kneeling, the woman is back to the man and sits on his lap but rests on the knees and hands. The man penetrates it by behind while holding the woman by the waist to assist in the push. For the woman, this position is especially good as the more she be able to have the legs closed and the pelvic area contracted. As the belly grows it may be more difficult, so take advantage while you can.


And when all else fails, there is no reason to stay no pleasure during pregnancy. Start with a seductive massage, kisses and caresses and ending in the more long, powerful and spectacular session of masturbation and oral sex. If you need tips to achieve this, we recommend that you do a search for tantric massage Yoni and Lingam (there are videos online very illustrative). Will not want another!

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