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By | January 1, 2023

A member state of the United States of America. Located in the south of the country, Texas covers an area of ​​692,408 km2 and has 22 614 300 residents (2004).

It is bathed by the Gulf of Mexico in the southeast, bordering Mexico in the southwest, and bordering the states of New Mexico in the west, Oklahoma in the north, and Arkansas and Louisiana in the east. The capital is the city of Austin. Located at the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, on the Mexican border, Texas extends over four regions: extreme west, the southern links of the Rocky Mountains (Guadalupe Peak, 2,667 m);

to the west, a set of elevated piedmont trays (Llano Estacado, Edwards Plateau), limited to the south and is by an abrupt edge (Balcones Escarpment). Below, the central lands are lowered to the southeast to the coastal plain of the Gulf of Mexico. The isolated lagoons behind the coastal ropes were arranged to form a large waterway (Gulf Intracoastal Waterway) that skirts the coast from Texas to Florida and is economically very important. Texas is drained by numerous coastal rivers – Nueces, Brazos, Neches – and bordered to the southwest by the Rio Grande. The climate is humid subtropical to the southeast, continental dry to the interior, dry subtropical to the west and extreme desert to the west. Tornades and tropical cyclones are recurring hazards. The vegetation passes dense forest (to the east) to the desert soil scattered with cactus (to the west).

Texas Landmarks

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Texas is a state of the United States of America and is located in the south of the country. The capital of Texas is Austin. The city is located on the Colorado River, in central Texas. The nickname of Texas is “The Lone Star State”. The nickname alludes to the single star on the state’s flag.

The story of Texas – Spain, Mexico, USA and cowboys

The Spaniards were the first Europeans to come to what is now Texas. After Mexico gained independence from Spain, Texas became part of Mexico for a period in 1821.

After this development there were more and more problems between the people of Mexico and the American settlers who lived in Texas. In 1836 the American settlers in Texas proclaimed the Republic of Texas.

In the American Civil War, Texas fought on the southern side against the northern states. During this time, the role of German settlers in Texas became increasingly important. There was an organized emigration of Germans to Texas, there was even an ” Association for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas”. Even today there is still a relatively large proportion of German-speaking residents in Texas.

The typical image of many Americans and Europeans of Texas is shaped by cowboys and the herds of cows that they drive. This picture is not only true in Texas and does not do justice to the diversity of the state.

Today Texas is considered a Republican stronghold. Very rarely have the Democrats achieved electoral success in Texas since the 1960s. A famous example of this is John F. Kennedy.

Big Bend National Park – The Rio Grande on the border with Mexico

The Big Bend National Park located in southern Texas on the border with Mexico. The Rio Grande, which forms the border with Mexico, flows through the middle of the national park. The Chihuahua Desert forms a large part of the park.

Temperatures in this region can exceed 40 °C in summer. The arid landscape in the national park is home to unique plants and animals.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park – The southernmost foothills of the Rocky Mountains

The Guadalupe Mountains National Park is located in western Texas.

The mountains are the southernmost foothills of the Rocky Mountains and are a stark contrast to the otherwise desert landscape of this region.

Austin – Keep Austin Weird – Keep Austin Weird

Keep Austin Weird – the slogan of the capital of Texas alludes to the student lifestyle in the city. The high density of clubs, bars and concert halls is unique in the USA.

The city was founded as Waterloo. In 1838 it was renamed in honor of the founder of the Texas Republic, Stephan F. Austin.

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