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US 522 in Virginia

  US 522 Get started powhatan End Cross Junction Length 161 mi Length 259 km Route Powhataneraser spring Cuckoo Culpeper Sperryville Washington Front Royal Winchester West Virginia According to allcitycodes, US 522 is a US Highway in the US state of Virginia. The road forms a secondary main route through the center and north of… Read More »

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Grand Teton National Park offers spectacular mountain scenery with crystal clear lakes and exceptional wildlife. The Teton mountain range, which gave the park its name, runs through the park in a north-south direction. The area was officially declared a national park in early 1929. The highest point of the mountain range, which is partially covered… Read More »

Maui, Hawaii

From its pristine beaches to breathtaking natural wonders, there are many reasons Maui has been voted “Best Island” by Condé Nast Traveler magazine readers for over 15 years. These are probably also the reasons why the second largest island in Hawaii is called “the magic one”. For a long time, Maui’s capital Lahaina was also… Read More »

Tri-State Area

The metropolitan area is located in the so-called Tri-State Area, which consists of Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. The vast majority of residents of the metropolitan area live in New York and New Jersey. The urban area has great contrasts, the city of New York is densely populated with mainly apartment buildings, condominiums and… Read More »

Houston, Texas Public Transport

The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, or “METRO” for short, is the public transit authority in Houston. Buses, trolleybuses and, since 2004, a light rail are available. The light rail serves the busiest relationship in the city between downtown and the Texas Medical Center and has 45,000 travelers a day. Two new short routes… Read More »

Tour Arizona: the Grand Canyon State

Touring Arizona is synonymous with discovering fascinating natural areas, dizzying heights, ancient history and, of course, the beloved Grand Canyon . Vast Arizona borders the states of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and the country of Mexico. The state ranks sixth in size in the US and is part of the Four Corner States,… Read More »

Virginia: The Old Dominion

Virginia is one of the states of the United States of America. The nickname of the state is “The Old Dominion”. The capital is Richmond. Virginia is one of 4 states, along with Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, to call themselves a commonwealth. This is only a historical name of the state and has no further… Read More »

Interstate 37 in Texas

  I-37 Get started Corpus Christi End San Antonio Length 143 mi Length 230 km Route 1-15: Corpus Christi 1A → Port Aransas 1B Downtown Corpus Christi 1C → Crosstown Expwy 1D Martin Luther King Drive 1st Nueces Bay Boulevard 2 Up River Road 3A Navigation Boulevard 3B McBride Lane 4A → Padre Island 4B… Read More »

United States Market Entry

Subchapters: Market entry The costs of entering the US market are high and should only be done by companies with considerable export experience and a long-term vision. Individual US states have their own jurisdiction in a number of areas (taxes, adjustment of warranties on goods sold, real estate/personnel prices, distribution networks, etc.). It is therefore… Read More »

Orlando Museums

History, Science and Art Museums in Orlando deserve special attention, despite the fact that they are quite difficult to see among all this entertainment tinsel. They will amaze you with their original displays and rare exhibits. Be sure to visit the Orlando Museum of Art art gallery, whose collection includes not only paintings by great… Read More »

Newark Museum

Newark Museum (New Jersey, USA) – expositions, opening hours, address, phone numbers, official website. Without exaggeration, this is one of the most striking sights in New Jersey. If only because the museum is the largest in the entire state and in Newark. It traces its history back to 1909. The museum owes its appearance to… Read More »

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

According to acronymmonster, Pittsburgh is the second largest city by population in the state of Pennsylvania, the 10th in descending order among the large urban centers of the United States, the capital of Allegheny County, at 212 meters above sea level, is located at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, whose waters form… Read More »

What is GMOs?

The European Union and the United States have recently begun negotiations on a new trade agreement between them. The negotiations raise a controversial question: What international rules should apply to the cultivation and sale of genetically modified food? What are genetically modified foods? Which countries are most open to genetic modification? What are the points… Read More »

International Law Before and During War Part I

The last few decades have been marked by armed conflicts in which international law and international law dilemmas have come into focus. International law provides a general ban on the use of force. By force we mean in this context the physical use of military means of force – and ultimately war. At the same… Read More »

Climate Negotiations in a Hurry Part II

7: Alternative to the UN Getting all the countries of the world to agree on a common ambitious climate agreement through the UN has proved particularly difficult. An alternative is for a few of the most important countries to agree on less extensive agreements that do not involve all the countries in the world. According… Read More »

New Give for Non-proliferation? Part I

In May 2010, the eighth review conference (see facts) for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) kicks off. The agreement obliges the nuclear powers to disarm, and everyone else not to acquire nuclear weapons. The disarmament initiatives of President Obama have created expectations, but are also met with skepticism. The problems are big, especially in the Middle East. Why… Read More »

Washington, DC History

The Washington District of Columbia (also known as Washington, DC, or simply Washington) is the federal capital of the United States, sandwiched between the two states of Maryland and Virginia. According to ebizdir, Washington, DC, is home to Congress, the White House, the Supreme Court, the State Department, and many other government buildings, while, for… Read More »

South Dakota History

South Dakota is a US state. The state capital is Pierre, while the largest city is called Sioux Falls. According to ebizdir, South Dakota borders North Dakota to the north, Nebraska to the south, Iowa and Minnesota to the east, and Wyoming and Montana to the west. South Dakota has four major regions: Drift Prairie,… Read More »

North Dakota History

North Dakota is a US state with the abbreviation ND. According to ebizdir, the state capital is Bismarck, while Fargo is the largest city on the border with Minnesota. The state is intersected from east to west by US HiWay 94, and the largest river in the United States – the Missouri River – flows… Read More »

Nevada History

Nevada is a state in the United States that is made up of 90 percent desert. The cities of Las Vegas and Reno are located in Nevada. The capital is Carson City. Nevada is located east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, after which the state is also named. The landscape consists primarily of desert… Read More »

Michigan History

Michigan is a state in the United States. It is located in the Midwest and borders Ohio and Indiana to the south, Illinois to the southwest, Wisconsin to the west, and Canada to the north and east. The name comes from Lake Michigan, which in French is derived from the anishinaabe word misshikama, which means… Read More »

Kansas History

Kansas is a US state. The state has 2.7 million residents (2005). The state capital is Topeka, while Wichita is the largest city. See directoryaah for museums in Kansas. TIMELINE: 1541 – The first European to set foot in Kansas was Francisco Vásquez de Coronado, who was looking for gold. 1682 – French explorer LaSalle declares… Read More »

Idaho History

Idaho is a state in the United States that was admitted as the 43rd state of the United States on July 3, 1890. Idaho has approx. 1.5 million residents, and the state capital is Boise. According to ehangzhou, Idaho borders the states of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Montana and Wyoming. The state’s international border with… Read More »

Delaware History

Delaware is a US state. It is known as “the first state”, as it was the first of the 13 colonies to ratify the US Constitution. It happened on December 7, 1787. The state capital is called Dover, while the largest city is Wilmington. According to ehangzhou, Delaware has borders with New Jersey, Pennsylvania and… Read More »

Arkansas History

Arkansas is a state in the United States. The state capital and largest city is Little Rock. In 2012, the state had 2.9 million residents. Most of Arkansas’ eastern border is formed by the Mississippi River except in a small area where St. Francis River forms the boundary. Arkansas borders Louisiana to the south, Missouri… Read More »

Must-see Museums in Boston

Must-see museums in Boston According to paradisdachat, there really are enough museums in Boston. The following shouldn’t be missing if you’re interested in the history of the big city and the United States in general. But also art lovers will definitely get their money’s worth here. An overview of the most famous. Museum of Fine… Read More »