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Swaziland State Overview

According to abbreviationfinder, Swaziland is a country located in southern Africa, centered at about 26 ° 49’S, 31 ° 38’E. It is relatively small in the area, similar in size to Kuwait. Swaziland is a landlocked country, bordering South Africa in three cardinal points, except in the east, where it borders the borders of Mozambique. The country, inhabited mainly by… Read More »

Swaziland Population, Politics and Economy

Population in Eswatini (Swaziland) Over 90 percent of Eswatini’s population of over a million people belong to the Swazi Bantu people. Further ethnicities are the Bantu tribes Sotho, Zulu and Tsonga as well as white Europeans and colored hybrids, so-called coloreds. With a growth rate of only 1 percent per year, Eswatini’s population growth is… Read More »