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Sintra, Portugal

Sintra is an ancient Portuguese city with a history spanning over 11 centuries. It is located 23 km northwest of Lisbon. There are many exotic parks, centuries-old forests, castles, palaces, monasteries. Sintra has everything for recreation: beaches, clear water, beautiful views of the coast, surfing, fishing and lots of attractions. In 1995, the city was… Read More »

Portugal Market Entry

Subchapters: Market entry Forms and conditions of operation on the market Marketing and Communications Issues of intellectual property protection Public procurement market Payment terms, payment ethics and resolution of commercial disputes Visas, fees, specific conditions of travel to the territory Employment of citizens from the Czech Republic Fairs and events Market entry As part of… Read More »

What to See in Lisbon (Portugal)

The first inhabitants to settle in what is now Lisbon were the Phoenicians. Around 1200 BC they founded a settlement here, which was a commercial stop at the crossroads of sea routes. The city was founded by the Romans in the 1st century BC. Until 1147, the city was in the hands of the Arabs,… Read More »

Portugal Country Information

Portugal is a state in the west of the Iberian Peninsula. The capital is the city of Lisbon. The area, together with the islands, is 92.3 thousand square meters. km. From the south and west, the country is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, and in the north and east it borders on Spain. According to iTypeJob, Lisbon… Read More »

Portugal Demographics 1998

At the beginning of the new millennium, the Father appears increasingly on the way out of the condition of peripherality that, still in the early nineties, characterized him within the European community. The surprising ability to adapt to the parameters established for entry into the European Monetary Union, the dynamism of local economic systems, the… Read More »

Portugal Music and Dance

CULTURE: MUSIC Little evidence remains of Portuguese medieval music and the flourishing of a polyphonic tradition influenced by the French and Italian Ars nova. In the sec. According to printerhall, the relations with the Franco-Flemish school were of fundamental importance, while a typically local tradition, similar to the Spanish one, with the characteristic shape of… Read More »

Portugal Children and School

How is the school in Portugal? In Portugal, children start school at the age of six. Some also go to kindergarten beforehand. You then go to elementary school for four years and then to high school for five years. These nine years are again divided into three levels: the four years of primary school include… Read More »