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Macedonia Human Geography

The residents of Macedonia descend for the most part from the Slavic populations who have occupied the territory since the century. YOU; however, a component of autochthones has not been touched by this Slavization, so much so that their followers between the sec. XIX and XX, after the “invention” of nationalities in the modern sense… Read More »

Macedonia Economy and Culture

ECONOMY Following the long period of economic stagnation during the Ottoman domination, between the two world wars the reclamation of the swamps eliminated malaria, allowing a migration of settlers from the rest of Yugoslavia who, thanks to the agrarian reform, had land available to cultivate.. At the time of the socialist federation, the foundations of… Read More »

Macedonia Children and School

Children in Macedonia Sports and freetime As in most European countries, football is the most popular sport in Macedonia. Children build goals for themselves on the streets and play against each other. Macedonia even has its own national soccer team that is a member of FIFA. Everywhere you can find children in playgrounds and on… Read More »