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Check computerannals for North Korea in 2003.

North Korea Market Entry

Korea (North – DPRK): The country’s relations with the EU The EU continues its “critical engagement” policy in relation to the DPRK by supporting: peace and security on the Korean Peninsula dialogue with the US non-proliferation of nuclear weapons human rights The EU supports international efforts to ensure peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula… Read More »

North Korea History

According to indexdotcom, the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea was led, since its proclamation, by the leader of the Communist Party (since 1949 Korean Workers’ Party) Kim Il-sŏng, who in 1972, with the adoption of a new Constitution, had also assumed the office of President of the Republic. Kim Il-sŏng, holder of almost absolute power… Read More »

New Give for Non-proliferation? Part I

In May 2010, the eighth review conference (see facts) for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) kicks off. The agreement obliges the nuclear powers to disarm, and everyone else not to acquire nuclear weapons. The disarmament initiatives of President Obama have created expectations, but are also met with skepticism. The problems are big, especially in the Middle East. Why… Read More »