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Check computerannals for Nigeria in 2003.

Nigeria Market Entry

Subchapters: Market entry Forms and conditions of operation on the market Marketing and Communications Issues of intellectual property protection Public procurement market Payment terms, payment ethics and resolution of commercial disputes Visas, fees, specific conditions of travel to the territory Employment of citizens from the Czech Republic Fairs and events Market entry The most common… Read More »

Abuja, Nigeria

According to abbreviationfinder, Abuja is the capital of Nigeria as the ancient capital of the country, was Lagos, being replaced by it in December of 1991. It is located in the center of the country with a population of 778,567 residents according to the 2006 census, adding the metropolitan area to more than 1 million residents. It is a young planned city that… Read More »

Nigeria – a Country Full of Contradictions Part III

Boko Haram was formed as early as 2002 and was initially a peaceful movement with headquarters in Maiduguri, city ​​in the state of Borno. Here they established a larger religious center with a mosque and an Islamic school. In 2009, however, clashes broke out between members of Boko Haram and the police, and this even… Read More »

Nigeria – a Country Full of Contradictions Part II

The new candidate was the vice president, the Christian Jonathan Goodluck . Problems start when he wanted to stand for election in 2011. Several Muslim leaders saw this as a breach of the agreement in the PDP on the distribution of power, and the party was strongly divided. Goodluck eventually became the party’s candidate and… Read More »

Nigeria – a Country Full of Contradictions Part I

Nigeria is a country full of contradictions. It is characterized by extensive poverty with a huge difference in living conditions between the rich elite and the poor majority. 60 percent of the population lives on around one dollar a day or less. Corruption and political violence are part of every day, and in the north… Read More »