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New Zealand Market Entry

In 2019, Czech exports again increased slightly year-on-year. Similar to trade with Australia, mutual trade between the Czech Republic and New Zealand ended the last decade with a surplus, which reached more than CZK billion in 2019. Balance of mutual trade exchange for the last 5 years CR-NZ trade exchange according to MPO statistics 2013-2019… Read More »

New Zealand Population, Politics and Economy

New Zealand population According to directoryaah, New Zealand has a population of around 4.5 million and therefore has a low population density of 15 people per square kilometer. Auckland is the largest city in the country with 1.29 million residents. The capital Wellington, named after the Duke of Wellington, is located on the North Island… Read More »

Places to Visit in New Zealand

The Caves of Waitomo Waitomo is a small town 200 km. south of Auckland. It may be easy to overlook on the map, but there is good reason to set the GPS to do so. Beneath the mountains meandering in the landscape are the most adventurous, underground caves in man’s memory. The limestone caves vary… Read More »