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What to See in Monaco

According to ITYPEJOB, Monaco is the capital of the Principality, otherwise known as Monaco-Ville. This is the oldest part of the state, where ancient buildings are located. It is located at an altitude of 60 m above sea level. The most important cathedral of Monaco is located here – the Cathedral, which was built in… Read More »

About Monaco

Monaco is an incredibly small country, but despite this, it is known throughout the world as the best resort on the Cote d’Azur. Almost all of the country’s activities are related to tourism and this is its main income. At the very coast of the sea, there are high-rise buildings near which villas are buried… Read More »

Sights of Monaco

According to findjobdescriptions, Monaco-Ville is the ancient capital of Monaco, which is located on top of a small cliff, at an altitude of 60 meters. The flat top is very densely built up with old buildings. The city has many fortifications, and walking along the narrow streets, which seem to have just come to life… Read More »