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Kazakhstan Market Entry

Subchapters: Market entry Forms and conditions of operation on the market Marketing and Communications Issues of intellectual property protection Public procurement market Payment terms, payment ethics and resolution of commercial disputes Visas, fees, specific conditions of travel to the territory Employment of citizens from the Czech Republic Fairs and events Market entry For the promotion… Read More »

Kazakhstan Energy and Security

Economy, energy and environment The Kazakh economy is mainly based on hydrocarbons and commodities linked to the mining sector, which account for 75% of the product composition of total exports. Kazakhstan has huge reserves of gas and, above all, oil which guaranteed significant growth rates (10% average per year) in the period 2000-07. The excellent… Read More »

Kazakhstan Population, Politics and Economy

Population in Kazakhstan After the population initially fell below 15 million in the 1990s due to the emigration of Russians and Germans and falling birth rates, it has increased again since 2003 and is currently around 17.75 million. Due to its geographical extent, Kazakhstan is part of it the most sparsely populated countries in the… Read More »