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Ghana Market Entry

Subchapters: Market entry Forms and conditions of operation on the market Marketing and Communications Issues of intellectual property protection Public procurement market Payment terms, payment ethics and resolution of commercial disputes Visas, fees, specific conditions of travel to the territory Employment of citizens from the Czech Republic Fairs and events Market entry According to cheeroutdoor.com,… Read More »

Ghana Economic and Political Life

Economic life. – The economy of the Ghana is based primarily on agricultural production, the main products of which are cocoa, palm oil, cola nut, coconut oil, copra, rubber and cotton. Before the development of cocoa cultivation, the most exported agricultural products were oil and palm nut. The cultivation area of ​​the oil palm (Elaeis… Read More »

Accra, Ghana

According to abbreviationfinder, Accra is the largest city and capital of the African country of Ghana and is both the capital of the Greater Accra region, and the district of the Accra metropolitan area. The city is a modern metropolis that constitutes the administrative, communications and economic center of the country. History The city served as a commercial center with… Read More »