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Democratic Republic of the Congo Market Entry

Basic data Capital Kinshasa Population 86.56 million Language French Religion Christianity 53% State system presidential republic Head of State Felix Tshisekedi Head of government Jean-Michel Sam Lukonde Kyenge Currency name Congolese franc Travel Time shift 0 h (in summer -1 h) Economy 2021 Nominal GDP (billion USD) 112.6 Economic growth (%) 4.8 Inflation (%) ON… Read More »

Democratic Republic of the Congo Energy and Security

Economy and energy Despite its great natural wealth (gold, diamonds, copper, cobalt, uranium, radium, coltan, chromium, bauxite, cassiterite and other precious minerals, as well as oil), Congo remains one of the poorest countries in the world, heavily dependent on aid international. Agriculture, in particular plantation agriculture (coffee, palm oil, rubber, cotton, sugar, tea and cocoa),… Read More »

Mining in Democratic Republic of the Congo Part I

Jobs are dangerous and working conditions are deplorable, but non-industrial mining is also a much-needed source of income in rural eastern Congo, a country located in Africa according to extrareference.com. What distinguishes local, non-industrial mining from industrial mining? Which minerals are extracted? How does mining work, and how are the working conditions? What significance does… Read More »

Nobel Peace Prize 2018 Part II

4: We know this Although it is impossible to have a complete overview of the extent of sexual abuse in war, a lot is researched, reported and documented. We have highlighted some important points here: Sexual abuse affects both men and women. Sexual abuse does not only affect women, although there is good reason to… Read More »