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Brazil Market Entry

Subchapters: Market entry Forms and conditions of operation on the market Marketing and Communications Issues of intellectual property protection Public procurement market Payment terms, payment ethics and resolution of commercial disputes Visas, fees, specific conditions of travel to the territory Employment of citizens from the Czech Republic Fairs and events Market entry According to cheeroutdoor.com,… Read More »

Brazil Country Information

The jungle of the Amazon, the gold of the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the delicate aroma of coffee, the roar of mighty waterfalls – all this, like a magnet, attracts millions of tourists from all over the world to Brazil. In addition, the beaches in the country are all world-famous (Copacabana alone is worth… Read More »

Brazil Internal and External Migration

A vast country, with an average population density which, despite the demographic increase of the last fifty years, is far below the potential of its resources, Brazil is almost exclusively a country of immigration; external emigration is limited to such narrow limits that it can be said of negligible importance. Indeed the Brazilian element that… Read More »

Travel to Brazil

Since daring Portuguese adventurers mapped the Brazilian coastline in search of Eldorado, travelers from all over the world are attracted to this vast country. The expectant explorers were disappointed when the mighty continent was not flooded with flour, gold and honey. But the rest of us today can enjoy a paradise of nature with rushing… Read More »

Rio + 20 Part II

4: What has happened since Rio92? Many meetings, processes and documents have seen the light of day since 1992. The two most important processes have been on climate and biodiversity (biodiversity). The actual climate convention from Rio did not in principle place any restrictions on the countries’ emissions of greenhouse gases. Nor did it contain… Read More »

Rio + 20 Part III

Therefore, resource issues have once again become a “hot potato” in international politics. We need more food. Therefore, according to localcollegeexplorer.com, China, Saudi Arabia and international companies are buying up topsoil in Africa and elsewhere and displacing the local population. This is called land robbery. Furthermore, oil extraction is planned in vulnerable regions near the… Read More »

Rio + 20 Part I

It’s boiling and it’s boiling out there – in the world. In Spain, young people march on the streets and call themselves the Angry – “Los indignados”. In the United States, other young people are marching and calling themselves “Occupy Wall Street”. They are primarily angry because they do not get a job, because they… Read More »