Suddenly Everywhere Pimples: Help Baby Acne

What is because as wrong? Mothers understandably ask that if your baby suddenly gets pimples. The rash starts usually in the face: there appear red pimples that have a small yellow spot in the middle. Then the rash spreads gradually korperabwarts. Some children blossom “” it literally and look like sprinkles cupcakes.

Suddenly Everywhere Pimples Help Baby Acne

Fortunately, the rash is completely harmless!

The so-called baby acne is a natural physical process. Most of the time the pimples associated with growth spurts occur.

  • And that behind it: in the last three months of pregnancy, the maternal body is increasingly certain hormones. To promote the development of the lungs and immune system, with the baby. However, these hormones also affect the sebaceous glands. This can cause small Sebaceous deposits on the baby’s nose. Or just – some days and weeks after giving birth – baby acne.
  • The baby acne occurs most often during the first growth spurt between the tenth and 14th day of life as well as between the fourth to sixth week of life. During this time, the hormonal balance of the child provides to and continues to develop of his digestive system: several important bacteria are formed In the intestine. You ensure, inter alia, that excess hormones through the skin are eliminated.

For skin care: less is more

Please do not try to express the pimple. That hurts and promotes inflammation. Baby acne is a companion of normal development operations – as well as later the hormone-related pimples during adolescence. Therefore, it is not necessary to put her (with cortisone-containing or antibiotic ointments) drugs to tackle. Patience is the most important, the pimple disappear usually within two or three months.
Until then, you have the most perfumed and with the ingredient “Parafinum” reasoned care products. Water and a normal cream of Marigold (Calendula) or also pure, extra virgin olive oil are now the best. Dermatologists recommend olive oil also in children with atopic dermatitis skin care.
The baby acne occurs when small boys slightly more frequently. Your body has more to do with, to cope with the female hormones from pregnancy.
By the way, That their child has a baby acne, does not mean that it will get acne in puberty.