Sudden Infant Death – SIDS

by | August 30, 2020

Below you will find questions and answers about sudden infant death, and how you can reduce the risk of your baby being hit.

Unexpected death in a previously healthy infant is also called SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). The child’s respiratory center does not normally respond to a lack of oxygen, which causes the child to stop breathing and get cardiac arrest.

Sudden infant death - SIDS

How common is SIDS?

Fewer than 6,000 children die in sudden infant death. The risk is greatest during the first six months. Over the past few years, almost thirty children have died annually in sudden infant deaths in Sweden. Before the current advice began to apply twenty years ago, four times as many children died.

Why is it recommended that babies sleep on their back?

Several studies clearly show that the risk of sudden infant death is clearly reduced if the child sleeps on his back. If the child is lying on the side you should put it on your back. Otherwise, it easily rolls over on the stomach.

Why not smoke near infants?

Smoking increases the risk of sudden infant death, but also the risk of asthma in the child.

Can nicotine chewing gum be used instead of cigarettes?

Nicotine gum, nicotine patches or snus are not recommended if breastfeeding. Nicotine passes into the breast milk and can affect the respiratory center of the baby.

If an infant sleeping on his back is vomiting, what happens?

The child manages to turn his head aside and therefore does not suffocate.

Is it dangerous to use suction cups?

No, on the contrary, the use of pacifier, when the child is to sleep, has a certain protective effect.

How do you prevent an infant who is lying on his back getting a flat back or oblique skull?

It is good to vary the head position in the back position, so that the head “gets used” to be twisted in both directions. A thin soft pillow is recommended. If the child can turn himself or herself, you can replace the soft pillow with a fixed flat pillow. When the child is awake and not to sleep, it may well lie on his stomach or on his side.

Can the child sleep in the same bed as the parents?

Infants under three months should sleep in their own bed, but in the same room as the parents. Feel free to breastfeed the baby in bed, but then put the baby in his own bed. If the child has become older than three months, it is important that there is proper space, that it is not too warm, that the bedding does not cover the child’s face and that the child really sleeps on his back.