SSW9 / Complaints And Condition During Pregnancy

I feel great. Feeling just producing a baby is incredibly beautiful. And thanks to our scratch calendar and numerous notebooks, I also know quite well what is happening in my body. So every day is a little miracle.

Complaints and health, ninth week.

– Nausea

It began approximately in the 5th SSW. For two days it was extreme, I felt really sick and could not be used for anything. Then it settled. I am now fighting exclusively in the morning with nausea and that is only very slightly pronounced. I know now how I can deal with it. I take more time for myself in the morning before work. After getting ready and ready to start, I sit with a glass of water on the couch. The most important thing here is to allow yourself a lot of time. Even if it sounds stupid, I enjoy my glass of water in the morning.
After a 30 minute drive I arrive at the office. I greet my colleagues, check my mails and only then can I expect a breakfast. After the meal, I still take my supplements Femibion ​​1 and the day can start. The nausea is gone.
A few weeks ago I did not take any time for this ritual. I had strong thirst in the morning, sometimes feels like a “fire”. I drank 0.5 liters of orange juice in less than a minute and regretted it still, since I had not set the glass.

– Fatigue

OH YES I’m incredibly tired. Previously I had partial problems with falling asleep, I know now no longer. Approximately 2 minutes after I lie down in bed I sleep already.
I usually stop at about 5 pm, and then I’m home shortly before 6 pm, and I’m going to sit down on the couch on some days and take a nap until Alex comes home from work.
But sleep is not there. I do not know exactly why, but in most nights I wake up after 8 hours of sleep. I used to sleep on the weekend and lay in the bed. This is no longer possible for me. Partially, my inner clock wakes me already at 6 and I get up. The positive thing is, it falls with now under the week easier to get up, usually I am awake before the alarm clock.

– Appetite

I do not notice much difference. I’ve always been someone who likes to nap. This has not changed.
Of course, I try to eat something healthier. Do not always succeed. In my opinion, but not in pregnancy defined by Automotiveqna.
So far, I do not eat extraordinary mixtures and also do not have more than usual.

– Skin

Help! I have Pregnancy! Extreme!
I have always had a rather difficult skin. Here and there a pimple. Despite the pill and various means I have tested. After the pill was discontinued, the skin once again worsened slightly. But now it’s TERRIBLE. My whole face, partially my neck and my back are almost smeared with acne. On the Internet I read a lot about it and also my doctor asked for help. As a pregnant one, most products can not be used for acne. What I do / use now is the following:

  1. Biotherm Biosource/ I clean the skin twice a day with this gentle cleansing foam, it is water-based and therefore oil-free.
  2. Sans Soucis Thermal Moist Foundation/ make-up with thermal water (I can hardly go out without the make-up)
  3. Shiseido, oil-free powder/ I use this powder for several years now, it is oil-free and covers the impurities additionally well.
  4. Luvos Heilerde/ Two to three times a week, I use these healers. The mask is left to dry for about 30 minutes.
  5. My linens change once a week.Especially the pillow twice a week.
  6. I do without a washcloth, clean only with the palms and then dab dry (do not rub) with a fresh towel.