SSW36 / Complaints And Condition During Pregnancy

Complaints and health, thirty-sixth week.

– Fatigue

Currently, I almost feel tired. What is the reason is also quite simply to the point. My nights are the disaster. I have often reported in the past entries about my permanently bulging belly and the penetrating pains. Now I have been suffering from premature labor for 10 weeks, but since last week they have reached their climax. Partially, the uterus contracts in the minute stroke. The woe lasts between one and four minutes. I wake up at every woe. After the woe the baby struggles and thanks to the posterior placenta, the uterus feels even more stressed and so it is rocking. I come at night about 4 hours sleep. Clearly too little.

– Appetite

My appetite is still crazy. I could eat all day long. Unfortunately the wrong, the appetite is mainly aimed at sweet things. Without making advertising, MC Donald Eis is at the very top of my list.
At this point a big praise to my dear man, who brings me an ice at home almost everyday on the way home from the office.
Often I was told that you could not eat so much at the end of your pregnancy, not with me. The reason for this is also found. Normally, the baby pushes on the stomach at the end of pregnancy. The fact that I already had sinking and my baby with the head deep in the basin is, I am spared. For this reason I have no heartburn. At least I was spared.
My weight gain throughout the pregnancy is creepy little! I have talked with my doctor several times. The pregnancy hormones appear to have an effect on my metabolism.The baby is not affected by this thank God. The little one is two-three weeks ahead of his time. It is currently estimated at 3000-3200 grams.

– Skin

At the moment it seems to me as if my skins had deteriorated again. Perhaps I am wrong, and in two or three days I look better again. I am very happy that the gestation acne has never reached the level of January to March. The first twelve weeks I really suffered very much, but the body just got used to almost everything.

– Other Complaints

Where should I start? Actually, I have only one problem, which, however, filled 100 other problems triggers. The stupid labor, the hard belly. This way I can not sleep, my ribs feel as if they were breaking into 1000 parts! New, my belly button pain now also, cause is also the stone belly.
My bowel works through the increased dose of magnesium (900mg daily) also no longer as it should. This leads to diarrhea. As if all this was not enough, I now also had back pain.
What about the typical complaints of pregnant women? Heartburn, water retention?NOTHING. I would love to exchange!
I am disappointed by my own body. Why does not he work the way he should? Why laboring since SSW27?
I suffer from strong mood fluctuations, triggered by persistent pain and sleep deprivation. I try to think positively, but it saddens me that I can not enjoy my pregnancy anymore. It should be nice and I should enjoy it every day. Worse, if the body does not like the head.
I always have to keep in mind, it could be much worse. I am very happy that my baby has not become a premature baby. At least the Muttermund seems to work more than well.
Against the pain, I received from the hospital suppository 1000 mg paracetamol with codeine. I have read nothing good on the Internet and try to avoid it. I must now be strong, for myself and my baby!