Ssw24 / Complaints And Condition During Pregnancy

Complaints and health, twenty-fourth week.


I do not feel excessively tired. I’ve gotten used to the rhythm of 22:30 – 07 clock and it works very well. I sleep very quickly, in most nights I can not remember a fall asleep.During the day I am relatively fit. So far I do not take naps. Would not work in the work.I am glad to be fully healthy again. The flu is over and I have power again.


I can not see any changes. In the morning I usually eat cakes, usually with yellow sausage or apricot jam. At noon in the office I eat twice a week with the colleagues ordered food, so fastfood. Pizza, McDonalds or we order from the Asiaten. The rest of the three days of the week I try to eat healthy. I then cook on the evening home and warm up in the office. In the evening there is usually again a full grain toast with egg.
The demand for sugar-containing foods is enormous on some days. My favorites include milk rice with MANY sugar, preferably also for breakfast the next day cold from the refrigerator. I generally love dairy products!


In my last post I wrote about a visible improvement of the skin image. The acne is also still better than in the first 4 months, however, I just got a small setback. Mainly affected are the chin and throat. I hope my skin will improve again in the next weeks.

Other Complaints

Here I can say with pleasure that I currently have no complaints. No more constipationthanks to magnesium ! No more strain, thanks to magnesium! THANKS MAGNESIUM.

Baby Movements

Since SSW 17 I can feel the little man. The first week felt incredibly beautiful, a little tingling, a butterfly that touches me with its wings. Each movement triggered heart palpitations and I was mad. Already at the end of week 18, early week 19, I would not compare his movements with a butterfly. I felt it rather than a knocking and kicking.Still beautiful. In week 21 he began to frighten me. Strong movements, which you also feel and feel very well at the belly. What initially caused me a great deal of anxiety were his hectic movements, I just can not explain what he is doing, but the abdomen goes up and down several times at a time. I made a video of it and sent it to my friends. Friends who already have a pregnancy behind themselves or are currently pregnant are considered to be quite early. Kathrin, my work colleague, who also expects a child, is a week after me. She still does not feel her child at all. My cousin told me that Lea had also made itself felt late. My doctor told me it was all right, every pregnancy clothing is different and I have a very strong baby. Probably a footballer!

I feel him very much, because I always know that he is doing well. Currently in SSW 24 I notice that he develops a sleep-wake rhythm. In the morning I hardly feel it, in the afternoon between 14 and 16 clock he is usually very active and the later hour before I go to sleep also. This is usually between 9:30 pm and 11:00 pm. I can not imagine my days more beautiful.