SSW18 / Complaints And Condition During Pregnancy

Complaints and health, eighteenth week.

– Fatigue

During the day I feel fit. During the week when I have to work I usually stand up against 6:45 clock. This is amazing for me, still no problem. I am usually already awake before the alarm clock. The internal clock works fantastic. On weekends, it is rather an annoying companionship. After lunch at the office, I partly feel a fatigue, but after I have no options for a nap, I get the feeling and that is fine. In the evening it is as if a switch is inserted. Point 22 clock is my bedtime. I sleep very quickly. Really fast. I mean, I lay down and can not remember a sleepy period. I think I’m within 2 minutes in the land of dreams. I never fell asleep before pregnancy. Very pleasant.

– Appetite

After I pretend I three times a day. I can still see no difference.
My new basic food MILK, lots of milk. Every morning before the work already the first glass. Milk contains a lot of calcium, I think it can not hurt me. Beside the curiosity I have also discovered a sugar-free cherry water from High C for me. It contains only fruit and tastes very refreshing on warm days. Otherwise, I drink a lot of water.Alcohol, cola, coffee, energy drinks and unnecessarily sugary drinks I completely avoid!I also have no desire for it!

– Skin

Schwangerschaftsakne! Better!!!
It’s not good, I still have acne on the face, neck and back. But you can see a clear difference. My cheeks produce less sebum, unambiguously. Four weeks ago I could not make the pimples in my face, there were too many! Now it is about 5 – 10. However, I do not leave the house unpainted, because the strong acne has left scars. I hope for a quick cure.

Why it has become better I can not say. Perhaps a mixture of:
1. The body gradually adapts to the new hormones
2. The preservatives hold what they promise
3. It is May and the sun contributes to it

I’m just happy about this progress.

– Other Complaints

In my last post I had reported of light constipation. This problem has been solved. By chance.
I feel more and more often a pulling, oppressive pain. Partially feels like a muscle sore and sometimes reminds me of past periods pain. About the pain I was a bit frightened and asked other mothers if they had. She and my clever pregnancy book told me that this is a strain of pain and that is quite normal. My cousin told me that she had taken magnesium, so the muscles were somewhat relaxed and the abdomen softer. I have called with my doctor and asked if that would be suitable for me and which product they recommend. Biolectra from the pharmacy 300 mg. It is powder, which is mixed with orange extract and is taken without water.
In fact, stretching pain is better. The nice side effect: I can go regularly to the toilet. No more congestion! Two flies with one flap I call that!

– Tummy Care

The belly begins to grow, but slowly. Like most pregnant women, I think about stretching. I know no matter what you try and do, it is a lot of the woman’s disposition. Women with a bad conjunctiva will get more streaks than women with a good conjunctiva.
Nevertheless, you can make a small contribution. I have read a lot about this topic, different experience reports. Information that I have read or heard repeatedly are the following:

  1. Regularly oiling (once a day), best with different products.My favorite is Weleda ‘spregnancy care oil. It contains almond oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil and a mixture of natural essential oils.
    In order to create variety and follow the advice, I also use BI-OIL, which consists of marigold extract, lavender oil and rosemary oil, it also smells very well and is pleasant to apply.
    My third product is the cheap pregnancy oil from DM, a proprietary brand. With the eco test Very good.
  2. I have read of different plucking massages. Keep it however for cumbersome, time consuming and little helpful. I got an aid. Two small sponges and a massage glove , made from 100% loofah. At first very scratchy, becomes softer with time and under warm water.
    I use the glove usually in the morning under shower. The middle sponge usually uses Alex. He often massages my stomach with it in the evening. We then bear some of the pregnancy oil. The smallest Schwann is suitable for the breasts.
    The sponges should promote the blood flow. A nice side effect is that I feel the massages as very pleasant!