Ssw14 / Complaints And Condition During Pregnancy

Complaints and health, fourteenth week.


No more trace of nausea. I have to say, I had a lot of luck. I never felt really bad. I just had to find a small compromise with my body. After getting up in the morning, the first way to the bathroom, body care, put on and ready for the office. Then put it on the couch for 10 minutes and drink a glass of water very slowly and especially slowly. Only in the office, about 1.5 hours after getting up did I dedicate myself to my breakfast. In this order I had nothing to fear. I was very well and I am very grateful.
Since week 13 about I can eat breakfast at home again, I do not have to wait anymore.This is especially pleasant at the weekend.


It is as if one had switched in week 12 a switch. Energy back!
I do not need a nap anymore and I feel fit again. Last weekend we did a bike tour. That would have been unthinkable a few weeks ago. With the fall asleep in the evening I still have no problems, about 10 pm I sleep like a baby.
But sleep is not there. No idea why, but also at the weekend, I am woken by my new inner clock so against 7. It’s frustrating.


Here I hardly notice a difference. I eat 3 times a day. In the morning mostly cakes with sausage or jam. At noon I eat in the office together with my colleagues. Unfortunately not always so healthy, since we often order from suppliers. It mostly goes out on pizza and co. We used to do this part 5 times a week! Since I know that I expect a baby, I only order twice a week and try to take home-cooked or home-baked bread as often as possible. In the evening, around 6 pm there is dinner. Either something boiled or bread. I try to eat only once a day. That is, depending on what it was at lunch, I judge the dinner afterwards. In between I like to eat a piece of cake or a few snacks. Not very healthy, I know.
I could hardly find any special preferences so far. I like to drink milk and currant, I like to eat yellow sausage on a pretzel. This is not unusual for me.


Schwangerschaftsakne! No change!
I cleanse my skin twice daily and use the healer of Luvos two to three times a So far I could not find any improvement. Unfortunately.
A small consolation, now that all my friends and acquaintances know about the pregnancy, no one speaks to me of my bad skin. When asked how I am in my pregnancy, I usually answer: Very good, except for my bad skin.
Everyone knows, after pregnancy, the better again.

Other Complaints

Hm, a bit embarrassing, but I have like many women with the digestion difficulties.Constipation. But it is not bad. I can only hope that it will not get any worse.

All in all I have so far a very pleasant and beautiful pregnancy. Hopefully it will stay that way!