Sights of Macedonia

By | April 16, 2022

According to indexdotcom, Macedonia is a country of holidays and festivals, if you plan your trip according to their schedule, you will definitely not regret it! Local festivities such as the Struga Poetry Evenings, the Balkan Folk Festival, the Ohrid Summer Festival and the Old City Songs Festival, as well as the May Opera Evenings and the Skopje International Jazz Festival are worth visiting. Founded in the 4th century AD, the city of Skopje, which is also the capital of Macedonia, is perhaps the most pleasant and comfortable capital in the world. This city with a rich history has been repeatedly destroyed by both invaders and earthquakes, but despite this, it still has an “old district” with beautiful architecture, and restoration work is being carried out non-stop. The main attractions of the city are the churches of St. Dmitry and the Holy Savior, the Mustafa Pasha, Murat Pasha, Rose Kadi, Yayakh Pasha and Khidaverdi mosques. Often, travelers are also delighted with visiting the Turkish inn Kurshumli Khan and the authentic oriental bazaar Bit Bazaar. In the vicinity of Skopje are the ruins of the ancient city of Skupi, many of the finds from which are stored in the Museum of Archeology and Ethnography in Skopje. Another beautiful and ancient city of Macedonia is located on the shores of the lake of the same name. The city managed to preserve the ancient monuments of art and architecture, the basilica of Hagia Sophia of the 11th century and the church of St. Clement of the 13th century have the main cultural value, it contains Byzantine frescoes that have miraculously survived to this day. There are also papyrus manuscripts in the church, dating back to the 11th-12th century from the huge library of the Archbishopric, most of which, unfortunately, has been lost. Lake Ohrid is worthy of special mention – a real pearl of Macedonia, included, like the city of Ohrid itself, in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Lake Ohrid is located at an altitude of 695 meters and has an area of 358 km², according to some assumptions, it is connected to Lake Prespa by a system of karst caves. According to historians, this is one of the oldest lakes on the planet and one of the cleanest in Europe. Lake Ohrid is a popular resort place, various hotels are located along all its shores. The Galichica ridge adjacent to the lake is a national park, so we can safely say that Lake Ohrid, together with the nature surrounding it, is a unique ecosystem. It would be unfair to keep silent about the city of Bitola – the second largest city in Macedonia, many cultural and historical sites of which have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. You should definitely visit the picturesque valleys of the Matka and Treska rivers, Kavadarchi – the capital of winemaking, the capital of ceramics Oteshevo, the cave system in the Bistra Mountains, the Radika Gorge – the most beautiful canyon in Europe, and the highest Radika waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula, and of course the monasteries of Matka, St. Andrew , St. Nikola Shishovsky and St. Jovan Bigorsky with images of incredibly fine wooden carvings.

National cuisine of Macedonia

The local cuisine of Macedonia is an amazing combination of the national cuisines of the countries of the Balkan Peninsula and beyond. The most common ingredient is, of course, meat. So in Macedonia you can try traditional Turkish fried minced meat, puff pastry stuffed with meat and burek cheese, the famous Ohrid trout and, of course, the signature dish of Macedonian cuisine – “gravce na tavche” – fried beans. Throughout Macedonia, local moonshine “rakia” is consumed, made from various fruits, herbs and berries, including grapes, pears and plums.

Visa to Macedonia

Macedonia is extremely friendly to Russia, so Russians are allowed visa-free entry here for up to 90 days within 6 months. In general, every year the Balkans are becoming more loyal to tourists from Russia. To enter Macedonia, you only need a foreign passport, insurance, as well as proof of sufficient financial condition. Let us clarify that visa-free entry conditions are a temporary agreement between Macedonia and the Russian Federation, which is valid until March 15, 2015. It is not known what visa conditions will become in the future, but most likely, the agreement will simply be extended. If you want to stay in Macedonia for more than 90 days, you can open a visa of the appropriate type at the Embassy of Macedonia in Moscow.

Sights of Macedonia