Shave Or Not For Childbirth

One of the most recurrent questions among pregnant women, especially those who are in the last weeks before birth, is whether or not shave for childbirth.

Waxing is an essential treatment for any woman, but this question is not just with the aesthetic aspect.

Does it help in labor, is one of the frequently asked questions. Learn the answer to the question: shave or not for childbirth.

Should the pregnant tweezed or not for childbirth?

Many women like to go for motherhood with your look more or less prepared with maternity yoga wear from, with nails done, hair cut, and still, the bikini wax.

However, in the most sensitive area, the groin, there are doubts about whether it can or cannot do. If you’re pregnant and have this doubt, so here you have the answer.

The problem of the waxing of groin in the days prior to childbirth is the fact that any by the ingrown, scratch, cut or wound, even if very small, can be a possible entry of infections, and as such, with some risk to the mother.

And the problem is not just that. With the approach of the day of delivery, the pelvis is more vascularized, which makes pregnant women more sensitive to pain and more prone to suffer inflammation in that area. As such, it is contraindicated waxing in the groin in the days prior to childbirth.

Shave or not for childbirth. The answer is given. And for pregnant women who fear that the hairs can disrupt the process, actually is a concern without reason.

According to the experts, the hairs will not influence the delivery. And if you have by the most, the doctor will trim them.

In the case of caesarean section, the doctor will shave only the place where will make the incision. Soon, you don’t have to worry about whether or not to shave or not the crotch for childbirth.

Another question that sometimes there is, is if the epilation in the groin in the last few weeks can anticipate the birth.

If you got a few weeks, you can do all you want, because apart from a few specific cases, indicated by the obstetrician, any pregnant woman can do. And in case of doubt, consult your obstetrician.