Quantitative Beta Hcg: Understand What It Reveals About Pregnancy

When a woman begins to feel the symptoms of pregnancy, they will soon buy a pharmacy exam to prove whether or not expecting a baby, but most of them don’t trust too much in these tests and what is left for them is to go to the doctor and do the Quantitative Beta HCG test.

What is the Quantitative Beta HCG test?

The Quantitative Beta HCG test is the known pregnancy test, only he can be absolutely sure that a baby is coming, or that it was just a mistake.

The test works as follows: when the embryo reaches the uterus, a woman’s body produces a substance called impaired Gonadotrophic Hormone (HCG), known as the hormone of pregnancy, hence the name Quantitative Beta HCG.

This hormone allows the ovary produces progesterone and estrogen, and when these two hormones reach a region of the brain called the pituitary, they warn the body of the woman she is pregnant.

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When a woman is expecting a baby, is the Quantitative Beta HCG test which gives the certainty of pregnancy. This test is usually positive in the first day menstruation be late, so late you can carry out the pregnancy test.

Quantitative Beta HCG test function

In addition to the certainty of pregnancy, the Quantitative Beta HCG test function is to show how long the woman got pregnant. This exam still provides the results for Miu/mL.

The Quantitative Beta HCG test just confirms the pregnancy of the wife if the value is greater than 50 Miu/mL. Although the test can be done right at the beginning of pregnancy, ideally wait a week or a little more to do it, so the result is right.

Importance of Quantitative Beta HCG test

With the modernity of today, in which one can find in pharmacies for pregnancy tests super modern, where you only need to put the urine to find out if you are pregnant, it is becoming more difficult to find a woman performing the Quantitative Beta HCG test, however this review is the only one who can give the certainty that a baby is on the way because it is a blood test, which is much more reliable than a urine test.

So if you’re feeling the symptoms of pregnancy, go to a pharmacy and buy a pregnancy test, but to confirm the result, go to the hospital and perform the Quantitative Beta HCG test, this blood test will give you sure you’re pregnant or not. The trick is to wait a few days to do it, so he will be more conclusive.