Pregnant Week 41 – 42

by | June 24, 2020

Sure, it’s hard to be heavy, and to just wait. But there are benefits to being pregnant a little extra long.

Some children simply do not want to come out after 40 weeks. They, for some reason we do not know, stay for a while in the stomach. The child continues to gain weight and prepares further for childbirth by gathering energy.

Pregnant week 41 - 42

A child is not considered overbearing until pregnancy has passed week 41 + 6. Only then do you usually start to consider giving birth.

It may be hard to just wait and wait, but there are benefits to being pregnant for a long time. Your uterus pinch matures and the hormone relaxin softens your pelvic joints further.
Read about some (far from safe) tricks to get the birth started.

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Try to rest as much as you can. Don’t stress, do nice things and sleep when you need it, whether it is at night or day. Why not mix a nutritious mom drink ?
Think about names for the child and read about the important connection during the first time with a baby, about the choice of stroller or breastfeeding start.

Soon the journey is over and an exciting time awaits!

How to prepare for the baby’s arrival

Are you thinking about what you and your family need to have when you get home from BB? And how do you think about creating a good and safe environment for the new little family member? Some things can wait and everything doesn’t have to be perfect, says Alexandra Gahnström, the children’s insurance expert at Trygg-Hansa.

The time you choose to start cleaning, arranging and shopping before the baby’s arrival is of course individual and also depends on where in the pregnancy you are. But something many people start with is to read and gather knowledge. As you gather information, it is also understandable if you feel some uncertainty. For example, there seem to be dangerous substances in most of the home, from plastic to electronics, plants and bed mattresses.

Here are some good advice from Alexandra Gahnström, the children’s insurance expert at Trygg-Hansa:
– I think we will go a long way in using common sense and replenishing where we need knowledge. Some general tips are to consider when buying baby things. Newborns sleep a lot, so it might be wise to buy a mattress without chemicals and to examine what the nursing pillow contains. Electronics often contain chemicals, so a good idea is not to have a TV in the room where the child will sleep.

Keeping the dust away is the best cleaning tip
– Many harmful chemicals are heavier than air and accumulate in dust on the floor. Try vacuuming once a week and occasionally wet with water or perfume-free soap. A good trick for reducing dust is also to breathe frequently.

Lessons learned from new parents: Everything does not have to be perfect
– What I hear from new parents is that they often wish they had taken it a little calmer before giving birth. Sure it is nice to have most things organized, but it can be difficult to know in advance what you need for your baby. Sometimes it can be good that it also grows with parenthood.

For those of you who already have children – you will make your siblings feel safe and involved
– A new sibling is a major change for both parents and children already in the family. But then you can reassure yourself that it is something positive for most siblings to have. The relationship with a sibling is special. Here, I believe that participation is an important puzzle piece, that every child can feel safe and aware.

Here’s how to prepare your baby for a sibling to come:

  • Read books about what it’s like to have a sibling
  • Talk about what it will be like and answer the child’s questions
  • Respect the child’s reactions no matter who they are
  • Let the child participate in your preparation

The best things to get before your baby’s arrival

  • Changing tables
  • Stroller
  • baby Safety
  • Cot
  • Clothes

Alexandra: Although it is possible to change diapers on the floor, it is nice to have a proper changing table. Keep in mind that it should be safe and never leave your baby alone on the changing table. A stroller is needed from the start and preferably accessories, such as a travel bag and a baby cover to safely ride in the car. Your own crib is preferable and to have prepared your baby’s first clothes.

Examples of things that are good to wait until after the birth:

  • baby swing
  • Babygym

Alexandra: Wait to buy expensive things that you will not need in the first time or do not yet know if you will need. You do not know what your baby will like.