Pregnant Week 34

by | June 24, 2020

Not far to the birth! If the baby were to be born now, it usually has no problem getting outside the womb.

Many people start to think more and more about feeling anxious about something happening.
It is normal and completely normal, even worry is a way to prepare mentally.

Pregnant week 34

If you have a heavy job, you can request to be relocated or seek pregnancy benefits. If not, you can always start using parental benefit at the end of pregnancy.

Slow stomach, many women are affected at the end of pregnancy. This is partly because you are not as mobile anymore, and secondly, the uterus is pressing the intestines. Eating iron tablets also contributes to increased risk of constipation. What you can do is eat more fiber, drink plenty of water and move on. Read about good diet for you and the child or tips on pregnancy training.

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The baby in your stomach is taking up more and more space and it is easy to feel breathless and feel the pressure against the ribs. During the end of the pregnancy, the pain can give a feeling that the lungs are pushed upwards and it is difficult to breathe occasionally.

The child now reacts differently to different people’s voices.
It can sweat.
All organs of the nervous system are developed but are fine tuned and mature further now.
The skin is less wrinkled and more pink now because of stored subcutaneous fat.

Parent education

Almost all first-borns participate in the parental education provided by the maternity care prior to childbirth. There are also the majority of first-time fathers / partners. In many places, special paternal groups are also organized under the auspices of the child welfare centers (BVC).

Some maternity care centers (midwives) offer different types of thematic groups. These include, for example, maternal grandparents, young parents, single pregnant women, expectant twins or prospective parents of different ethnic backgrounds.
At a parent training you are usually offered hits both before and after childbirth.

Why parent education?

Having children is not primarily a medical phenomenon but, above all, a social event. Therefore, the primary purpose of parenting education is to strengthen the woman and the man in their belief in themselves as parents.

Subjects are usually addressed such as:
– physical and mental states during pregnancy
– fetal development – please also follow it in our pregnancy calendar, week by week
– birth and first time at home
– preventive health care – diet, alcohol, exercise
– the relationship between the parents
– social information – pregnancy allowance, parental allowance
– opportunity for contact and fellowship with other parents

Parent groups

8-10 prospective parents form a parent group. You are selected so that you are expected to give birth at approximately the same time and, if possible, so that you live close to each other. If possible, the same group will continue in parent education after the birth of BVC.
Sometimes you get to know each other and be seen for your own strolls.

The parent groups within the MVC usually meet 5-6 times, once every or every two weeks, before the birth and, if possible, 1 time after the birth. Then BVC takes over responsibility for parent training with another 4-5 hits.

The midwife and BVC nurse organize the meetings, lead the talks and contribute their experience. You are the future parents who influence the content!