Pregnant Week 29

by | June 24, 2020

Your stomach grows every week. During the last third of pregnancy, most pregnant women go up to 1-3 pounds a month.

Now your partner and other people can feel the baby’s movements if they put a hand on their stomach when the baby kicks or turns. The stomach can bulge visibly on one side depending on how the baby lies. The metabolism increases in your body and you may sweat more than usual.

Pregnant week 29

At this stage, you visit your midwife every two or three weeks. The midwife checks the baby’s fetal sound, takes your blood pressure and measures how your stomach grows.
Does it feel like your hands are falling? Then you may have suffered from something called carpal tunnel syndrome, a pressure around the nerves and tendons of the forearm where it gets too crowded due to swollen tissues. Wrist protection can reduce both pain and numbness. Read more about pregnancy ailments and classic food during pregnancy.

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In the child all the senses are now fully developed. It sees the difference between light and dark. It can remember and recognize several voices, not only the mother but also the people with whom the mother hangs out.

The testicles are still well protected in the groin of boys.

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Parental allowance and pregnancy allowance

All women have the right to receive parental benefit during the last two months of pregnancy. If you have a particularly heavy or risky job, you may be entitled to so-called pregnancy allowance during the same period.
In case of severe complications or illness you are entitled to sickness benefit.

You have the right to withdraw parental allowance sixty days before the estimated birth as quarter, half, three-quarter or whole days. You can of course also take vacation at the end of pregnancy.

You who become a mother can stop working or reduce your working time within six months before the calculated birth without lowering your sickness benefit-based income, SGI, (SGI is the basis for how much your parental benefit becomes when you are then parental leave).

When you visit the midwife / maternity care center (MVC) you will receive a certificate of pregnancy. You must send the certificate to Försäkringskassan, it acts as a notification of parental benefit. Once the insurance fund has received the certificate, you will receive more information on parental benefit.

When should you tell you at work that you are pregnant?

The main rule is that you must register with the employer no later than two months before you must be parental leave. Then you also announce how long you intend to be free.

In some workplaces, there are collective agreements that allow you to report sooner or later. Ask your union representative or your employer about what applies to you.

According to the Parental Leave Act, you have the right to be completely free from your work while the child is under 18 months. If you and your employer can agree, you can also divide the leave and alternate with periods of work.

The law prohibits employers from disadvantaging an employee with reference to his or her parental leave.

Heavy work can entitle you to pregnancy allowance

If you have a physically stressful job that you can’t handle because of your pregnancy, you can request to be relocated to a lighter job. If your employer cannot reposition you, you can apply for pregnancy benefit at the Social Insurance Office.
Pregnancy allowance can be granted during the last two months – starting from week 32. Even risky work environments, which means that you have to be shut down from your work, can give you the right to pregnancy allowance.
Pregnancy benefit was formerly called pregnancy benefit.

The ten last days before the estimated birth, you are no longer entitled to pregnancy allowance but must instead start taking parental leave or vacation.

Parental benefit or sickness benefit?

Some serious complications associated with pregnancy are considered illness. If you fall ill during pregnancy and are unable to work, you may be entitled to sickness benefit. This applies regardless of whether the disease is due to pregnancy or not.

Parental allowance can be used for so-called normal pregnancy problems. Examples of these are fatigue, contractions, swollen bones or back pain. However, if you take out parental compensation before giving birth (max 60 days before) you have fewer days to take out after the baby has arrived.

Compensation during parental training

You have the right to receive parental allowance to participate in parental education when you are expecting children or have just had children. Both parents can participate simultaneously in the education and receive parental allowance for the same time.