Pregnant Week 21

by | June 24, 2020

Heartburn is not uncommon among pregnant women as the baby grows and begins to take more space. Here are the tips that will help.

It starts to appear that you are pregnant and you probably start choosing spacious clothes.

Pregnant week 21
Get heartburn and acid reflux, avoid coffee, fatty foods and strong spices.
The problems tend to decrease if you eat more, smaller meals instead of single giant portions. Many people find that mineral water helps. If the problems persist, there are medicines that neutralize the stomach acid to buy at Apoteket.
Read more about heartburn, nausea and other pregnancy disorders, or about pelvic and back pain.

Inside the stomach, all the fetal body parts are fully developed and it actually looks like a very small person. From now on, it’s all about growing and growing.
The fetus starts to accumulate fat as a nutritional reserve, but still could not survive outside your stomach.

Antibodies from the mother’s blood are now transferred to the fetus to protect it from diseases at birth.

Ever hungry for something special? Maybe you are suffering from Matnoya – picas syndrome.
Get inspired by our delicious recipes for pregnant women, mum drinks and snacks or good-to-know about the best pregnancy diet – written by a dietician with special knowledge of children’s needs.

Travel and insurance during pregnancy

The fact that some airlines allow air travel at the end of pregnancy does not mean that travel insurance in your home insurance is still valid at that time. A good piece of advice is to check out what the rules look like before you book your trip.

Some airlines do not allow you as a pregnant woman to fly after a certain pregnancy week. Most commonly, you are not allowed to fly during the last two months of pregnancy. The fact that rules have been set does not mean that it is inappropriate for you as a pregnant woman to fly. This is about the risk that the aircraft would have to land if a delivery starts.

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Some airlines require that you, as a pregnant woman, sign a piece of paper, which in principle means that the airline waives liability and any costs.

Check out home insurance travel insurance

The fact that some airlines allow air travel at the end of pregnancy (up to, say, 4 weeks before estimated arrival), does not mean that travel insurance in your home insurance is valid for as long.
For example, the travel insurance that is included in Trygg-Hansa’s home insurance applies until the week of pregnancy 28 (v 28 + 0 if you use the way of the maternal care to write it).

If you or the child need care abroad

How does the standard health insurance work if the mother needs care or if the newborn child is born abroad?

Medical care abroad can be expensive for the uninsured. Premature babies may need hospital care, and you and the baby may need transport home.

Admittedly, within the EU, parents can receive retrospective compensation for their expenses. However, outside of the EU, it is only in Algeria and Australia that sick Swedes can receive care without special insurance, as there are agreements between Sweden and these countries. But even this care is usually conditional.


  • Look up the airline’s regulations for pregnancy as they may differ from airline to airline.
  • To ensure that you are properly insured – contact your insurance company for advice and review the terms of your insurance.
  • Unpack the insurance card’s EU card.
  • Include medical certificates on how far the pregnancy is and on your own health.