Pregnant Week 20

by | June 24, 2020

Keep moving so much if you just have the strength. Suitable exercise is good for the baby and makes you well prepared for the rest of the pregnancy – and delivery.

During the latter part of the pregnancy, many people have back problems. Such problems can to some extent be counteracted by all-round body training, which also gives you better fitness. So be sure to move while you’re not that heavy!

Pregnant week 20
Here are tips on easy and important workouts during pregnancy.

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Some women feel pelvic pain, sometimes called joint discharge, as a diffuse pain around the pelvis and down the thighs. It can cause you to avoid certain movements.
At some midwives, meetings are arranged with information about good food for you and the fetus, about breastfeeding and childbirth.

All fetuses are about the same size until week 20, then the differences increase.
The fetus is now about 25 centimeters long and weighs around 350 grams.
It tries its reflexes, grabs, kicks and sucks, all to train the world outside. Some fetuses are starting to suck their thumbs already, they can wave, make different grimaces and are sensitive to light.
The brain is at an important and critical stage of development.
The child grows and there is less room for amniotic fluid, now there is about half a liter left around the child.

The skin is protected by the white fetal fat, vernix. It is an ointment-like material that sticks to the lanugo hair and protects the skin from amniotic fluid.
Under the milk teeth, the permanent teeth are being formed.

Here you will find tips and facts about parent training and prophylaxis courses (the latter can usually be ordered privately).

This is how Trygg-Hansa’s pregnancy insurance works

With a pregnancy insurance you can get compensation and support if something goes wrong during pregnancy or childbirth. It is available in different variants – think about what is best for your family.

At Trygg-Hansa you can choose between just taking out Pregnancy Insurance Free, or extending it with the Pregnancy Insurance Extra supplement for SEK 1,250. Many prospective parents feel that it is worth paying for greater financial security. Here you will find out why.

Free pregnancy insurance provides basic protection

Pregnancy Insurance Free is a basic protection that consists of three parts:

  • Up to SEK 600,000 in compensation if you, as parents or the newborn child, are injured in an accidentand receive a permanent reduction in functional capacity. In order for the child to receive the corresponding compensation after childbirth injury or illness, you need to add Pregnancy Insurance Extra.
  • You and your partner can get professional help in managing a crisis, for example if the child is born with a serious illness, or if the child does not survive.
  • A smaller life insurance that gives SEK 25,000. Not much comfort if you lose your child or partner, but a support if, for example, you need to take time off from work for a while to cope with.

With paid pregnancy insurance, protection becomes much more comprehensive

By adding Pregnancy Insurance Extra, for example, you can get financial help if the little child sustains permanent injuries due to preterm birth, childbirth, or illness. The allowance can be up to SEK 600,000, depending on how impaired the child’s functional ability becomes.

Pregnancy insurance Extra also provides compensation for certain complications for you who are pregnant – SEK 3,000 if you suffer from for example pregnancy poisoning, severe ruptures or anal incontinence after a birth injury. You can get the same amount in case of a miscarriage. These are more events than other insurance companies will replace, so please compare the insurance based on what you think is important.

If you are expecting twins, you will receive additional added value from Trygg-Hansa: the entire pregnancy insurance is valid for both children without affecting the price.

Special compensation for certain diagnoses

Not all parts of a pregnancy insurance policy apply to all illnesses. Exceptions are usually those that develop already when the baby is in the stomach. The Pregnancy Insurance Extra includes a special allowance for such diseases and disorders, such as lip, jaw and palate, heart failure, Down syndrome and spinal hernia.

The reimbursement is SEK 50,000 and it is paid out as a lump sum immediately after a doctor has made the diagnosis.

Pregnancy insurance Extra can save the family economy

If your child needs care, Pregnancy Insurance Extra can provide much-needed support. Among other things, you can receive up to SEK 4,000 per month, ie SEK 48,000 per year, if the child is granted a nursing allowance from the Social Insurance Office. Nursing grants are not what you receive for VAB (child care), but a grant for serious illnesses. Full care allowance means a little more than SEK 9,300 a month, about SEK 111,000 per year before tax. For some families, the extra support from insurance is crucial for the economy.

Compensation for hospital stays is another good support. With Pregnancy Insurance Extra you can get SEK 200 a day if you or the newborn child must be in hospital – for example if you suffer from complications during pregnancy or the baby if it is born several weeks premature.

Sign up early for better protection

Pregnancy insurance often applies from pregnancy week 22 or 23 until the child is six months. Trygg-Hansa’s insurance starts to apply earlier – week 16 (15 + 0) for the parents and week 23 (22 + 0) for the child.

Sign up for Pregnancy Insurance Extra before week 23, also for the child’s sake. Then you can later receive compensation for certain diseases and disabilities that are already discovered then, for example in the case of ultrasound. The price is not affected by signing early.

Find out more before you sign

In this article, we have given examples of how pregnancy insurance works. Here you can read more about what is included and what are the limitations of Trygg-Hansa’s pregnancy insurance.

After BB – time for child insurance

When the child is born, it is wise to take out individual child insurance, which provides both more comprehensive protection and higher compensation. You can sign it as soon as the child is discharged from BB and other care.