Pregnant Week 19

by | June 24, 2020

Almost halfway through the pregnancy! Tired? It’s probably iron deficiency.

Now the stomach is finally starting to look a little round, on some women the navel is starting to cushion slightly.

Pregnant week 19
If you are tired, it may be because your own blood levels are falling – the baby uses a lot of the iron you get in you. Most pregnant women therefore need to eat iron supplements.
Also, be inspired by our tempting tips on the best pregnancy diet, with delicious recipes for pregnant women, written by a dietician with special knowledge of the growing baby’s needs.
Some expectant mothers are afflicted by matnoya – the desire to eat special things.

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The child now has small, fine hairs that cover the entire body, even the underside of the feet. They are called lanugo hair.
The child’s fingertips now have completely unique fingerprints.
Read about the child’s gender and eye color.
The fetus accepts its taste buds by swallowing amniotic fluid.

It has been seen that the fetus swallows more if the amniotic fluid is a little sweeter, less if it is acidic. Garlic is a flavor that is clearly transmitted to the breast milk of nursing mothers. Children who have “tried” garlic already as a fetus have proven to be able to recognize the taste in their mother’s breast milk!

Prophylaxis course before delivery

As a pregnant woman, you may want to prepare for childbirth in various ways. Psychoprophylaxis, learning breathing techniques, is one way.

Psychoprophylaxis means that you learn breathing techniques that you then use to relax and focus during childbirth to facilitate labor. Through the breathing techniques, your sense of control and your ability to work with the body during work can increase. Some also feel that the pain decreases.

Better self-confidence leads to less anxiety

It is common for a prophylaxis course to be taken two to three months before the expected delivery. Anna Wilsby, founder of the company Anna’s Profylax, tells of participants who have taken the course to dare to become pregnant again after a previous, laborious childbirth experience.
– If the pregnant woman is very tense before giving birth, she experiences both pain and worry so much more strongly.
Anna Wilsby points out that breathing and relaxation methods may not always replace medical pain relief.
– Some, for example, need epidural – back anesthesia. For others, it is enough to have the confidence to know that there is such help to add if needed. But regardless of whether you want to manage without medical pain relief or not, a preparatory course can give better confidence and reduce anxiety.

Support provides safer delivery

You can go the course with your partner, or bring a friend, mom or doula. (A doula is a person who can be hired to support a birthing woman). The companion gets to practice what it might mean to support the pregnant woman. These may include massage techniques to relieve partner pain. Communication is also discussed – as when can it be a place to pepper the pregnant.

There are research results that show that the delivery experience is judged more positive if the woman has received good, personal support, which is not always the case for the person who has received epidural anesthesia and medical help to reduce the pain. Anyone who has had back anesthesia remembers the pain both before and after more than those who have not received a back anesthesia.

This is what you and your partner will learn

It requires exercise to be able to breathe and relax, despite aches and pains. This is what you and your eventual trainer will get at:

  • Breathing and relaxation to cut pain peaks and improve blood oxygenation
  • Exercise of various kinds of breathing, in common pain and aches.
  • Mental preparation.
  • Partner support.

The most important thing is that you prepare in some way, says Anna Wilsby.
– There are those who say that “children have been born at all times” or “in some way they come out…” and so on. But the fact is that it is a great challenge to give birth to children and the better prepared you are mentally and physically, the greater the conditions you have to have a great experience.

To take a psychoprophylaxis course

The country’s maternity centers have no obligation to offer this, but there are midwifery / maternity centers (MVCs) that include a couple of hours of relaxation, breathing training and massage techniques within the framework of their regular parental training. Listen to what your MVC offers.
There are also private courses, but also courses that you can do at home, via the web.