Pregnant Week 18

by | June 24, 2020

With the help of the ultrasound, you can now see your baby for the first time, and the little heart beating. Do you want to know the child’s gender or not?

Around this week it is time for the first ultrasound examination ! Maybe it is only now that you can really assume that there is a small child in your stomach. The midwife shows the baby’s brain, stomach, spine, arms and legs and the little heart that beats.

Pregnant week 18

It is often possible to see what gender the child has with the help of the ultrasound – tell before if you want to know or not.
You get to know the approximate date of birth, when you are expected to give birth. The calculation is done by the midwife measuring the size of the baby’s head, abdomen and femur. But the date is of course only approximate, you can give birth within three weeks before and two weeks after this date without counting it as abnormal.
The examination also checks how the placenta is placed.
If you’re expecting twins or triplets, you’ll probably find out through the ultrasound. It can evoke strong emotions, both positive and negative. Your midwife can provide information and tips on groups for future twin parents.

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For many, this is a period when pregnancy starts to feel more fun despite some bodily problems – hormone replacement and pregnancy sickness.

The fetal head is about forty millimeters in diameter and the femur about 27 millimeters long.
The first stool has started to accumulate in the intestine, it is called meconium.

Wanted some special, weird things to eat? Then you may have had a flush of what is called picas syndrome, sometimes called matnoja, during pregnancy.
Eat extra good pregnancy food, written by dietician with special knowledge of children’s needs.

Here you will also find facts about how the birth starts.

Arrange a baby show

Fix a camera, invite all friends, and celebrate the beginning of a long future with a new child!
Here you will find tips and inspiration for a welcome-baby party.

A “baby show” is a perfect opportunity for a prospective parent to spend time with their friends before all the focus is on diaper changing, breastfeeding and caring.

Traditional or modern baby shows?

The tradition of organizing a baby show comes from the United States. Originally, the purpose was for the older, experienced women to share knowledge and tips to the younger ones, but today it is more about celebrating that a child is on the way.

Today, it doesn’t necessarily have to be girl friends and family women who meet at a baby show. And of course, the partner who does not carry the child can have their own baby shows – a good start for the challenge of becoming a parent. Or you simply have a common party, you future parents.

As with all festivities, you can do a baby show just the same!

Gifts – or not

According to tradition, an important ingredient is to give gifts to the prospective parent or parents. The name baby shows is precisely meant to give parents a “shower” of useful and fun things for the future family member. Obtaining all the baby stuff yourself can otherwise be quite expensive.
As a future parent, you will then get lots of fun stuff that you either had to buy anyway – or would never have bought yourself. And as a friend, you get a perfect reason to actually buy that cute thing you looked for in the shops. Gifts are usually opened when everyone is together, so everyone can be inspired and rejoice together.

However, buying gadgets is not a must. A baby show today is mostly about meeting and socializing, eating good food and talking to children. Perhaps an event for the baby is a perfectly adequate gift in itself.

Who fixes the party?

Since you, as a future parent, often have a lot to think about, it can be nice not to have to arrange the party yourself. Ask an aunt, cousin or buddy if they would like to fix this. And feel privileged if you yourself are asked to arrange a baby show!

At the end of pregnancy

Usually a baby show is held sometime during the last months of pregnancy.
It sometimes happens that a premature baby may join the party!

If you meet over breakfast, lunch or a whole day does not matter, choose the one that suits you the most. Is it a nice day maybe picnics are a nice option?

Theme Baby

The arrangement is obviously free, but keep in mind that it is the coming child who is in focus.
The theme of the party should be baby and there are lots of fun things you can do – let your imagination flow!