Pregnant Week 12

by | June 24, 2020

If you have been nausea then it probably starts to go over now, even the worst fatigue starts to bring with it. The risk of miscarriage decreases, nine out of ten miscarriages occur before week 12.

Pregnant week 12

Your uterus has grown, and the placenta has now taken over the supply of nutrition and oxygen to the fetus, the one the yellow body has been responsible for so far. The placenta takes over the supply of nutrition and oxygen to the baby. It, together with the membranes, also protects the child from infections.
A little bleeding does not mean that a miscarriage is on the way but can be due to the placenta being placed far down on the cervix.
The nerve cells develop primarily during the weeks 10–20. This is an extra sensitive time for external influences.
The fetus is nine inches long and weighs about 15 grams. It moves, turns on its head.
The fetus begins to swallow amniotic fluid. Maybe this is a way to explore the taste and smell sensations as the amniotic fluid takes the taste and smell of the food you eat yourself.

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Are you alone in your pregnancy? There are more in your situation. Check with your midwife reception for tips on associations for single moms. It may be a good support for you in the continuation of pregnancy.

Pregnant with twins

Getting the message that you or you are expecting twins is always perplexing. This is usually found out by the first ultrasound examination around week 17.

If it feels great to find out that you are expecting a child, it will of course be extra large to find out that there are two children you carry.

The MVC was sixth week

Twin pregnancies require special care. Partly because of the risk of giving birth prematurely, and partly because all the hormonal effects a normal pregnancy has on a expectant mother, will be greater with the twin pregnancy.

For example, the risk increases slightly for pregnancy poisoning, blood clots or blood sugar increase.

– The prospective twin parents should stand up for closer visits to MVC and be able to do ultrasound at least every six weeks if it is not offered automatically. Twin pregnancies require special care, says Margareta Ölwe of the Twin Club.

The teacher and chief physician at Södersjukhuset, Peter Thomassen, agrees that it is important to ensure that as a pregnant woman with twins a good follow-up of the pregnancy is obtained.

– Two to three medical examinations should be given. But there are usually no problems. Maternal health care in Sweden is very good, he says

Possible complications

Premature birth
Twins are often born prematurely. The average birth week is week 36 but many go every 40 weeks, while others give birth already in week 25 or even earlier.

The fact that twins tend to be born prematurely is often due to the increased uterine load on the uterus, which opens it.

Impact on the mother
Almost all common disorders that can occur during pregnancy – nausea, fatigue, back pain, swollen hands and feet and heartburn, often cause the twin mother to a greater degree.

Also, all the hormonal effects a normal pregnancy has on the expectant mother will be greater with the twin pregnancy. For example, the risk of pregnancy poisoning, blood clots and blood sugar increase.

Twin Transfusion Syndrome, TTS
If you see at the ultrasound in weeks 17-18 that the fetuses have a common fetal membrane and placenta and no or only two thin membranes between them, you are extra attentive to TTS.

The syndrome occurs if the twins have a common bloodstream through the placenta. Small differences in blood pressure between the fetuses can then cause a flow of blood from one fetus to the other.

Too much amniotic fluid in one of the amniotic sacs, size differences in the fetuses or heart problems in one of the fetuses, TTS suggests.

The well-being of the fetus affects the treatment at TTS. Sometimes they try to help by burning the vessels with lasers that connect the twins, sometimes by emptying the amniotic fluid of the twin who has too much water.

Often the children are removed with caesarean sections prematurely. Sometimes the syndrome is only discovered after birth, because there are differences in the size of the children and that the child who has received less nutrition has significantly worse skin color.

Pregnant with twins – planning for birth from week 25

Keep in mind that it is more important than a normal pregnancy to rest a lot, to exercise properly and to eat right.

Good care during pregnancy with frequent MVC visits, ultrasound and doctor visits if needed.
Read more about extra examinations for twin pregnancies and multiple births.

Ask the MVC if there is a special parent training for future twin parents as a supplement to the usual. In the Stockholm area, the Swedish twin club organizes such training. Check with MVC if there is a local twin club in your area or if there are more prospective twin parents in the area. Contact with others who are in the same situation is often very helpful.
Plan as if you were to give birth to child by week 25. The children can come at any time after that and when they have arrived there is not much time to get everything you need with two small new children.