Peppermint, Chamomile, Sage & Co: Helpful Types of Tea While Breastfeeding

Much like in pregnancy, women in breast-feeding usually reluctant to pick up medications. However, breastfeeding mothers from colds or other ailments remain untouched – just now during the winter months. Luckily also herbal teas can in addition to homeopathic remedies often bring relief.

However: medically effective teas carefully according to the drink, not as everyday tea. And like before with the pharmacist or your midwife discuss whether to note something there – just in breastfeeding -. Of course, you should go to the doctor if you are seriously ill or your symptoms are not soon improve.

Here are examples of when which tea can help you:

  • Cold a cold tea has an expectorant and sudorific.
  • Against bladder infections, bladder and kidney tea – helps please highest 4-6 cups a day. It is important that you also otherwise abundant drink. This helps to flush the bladder and relieves the pain.

There is also a wide range of so called midwife teas from Ingeborg Stadelmann offering maternity wedding dresses, which are particularly recommended by midwives. These teas are all in agreement with the midwife to take. And of course it is important to follow the Pack information on the daily amount and proper preparation.

  • Midwife tea Chamomile Restharrow has an anti-inflammatory effect on urinary tract infections. Also here is that you should also drink plenty of other liquid as water.
  • Midwife tea Rosemary is enhances circulation and low blood pressure. The proper dosage also depends on your blood pressure. Conversely midwife tea used balm like, to reduce their high blood pressure.
  • Postnatal tea is useful when the womb regression runs too slowly. He also helps tarken menstrual bleeding.
  • Midwives quiet tea promotes milk very well. The mix is slightly different than standard quiet teas.
  • The amount of milk to reduce or during the period of breastfeeding from Mint or Sage tea make useful.