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Online Pregnancy Calculator

Gestation Calculator Is A Virtual Program, Available In Some Sites, Has The Function To Predict The Date Of Birth Of The Baby. Calculator of gravidezUma of the most important and special stages in the life ofany woman I believe is the period of gestation, stretching over a period of nine months, and prepares your body and your emotional to become mother. During this phase the expectant mother needs to perform several pre-natal examinations, such as blood tests and ultrasound, to keep track of every…
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32nd Week of Pregnancy

This happened in the 32nd week of pregnancy for MOM & baby… In the 32nd week of pregnancy, many pregnant women increasingly suffer sudden shortness of breath. The kicks of baby take the air in the 32nd week often. Frequent rest breaks and a…
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31st Week of Pregnancy

This happened in the 31st week of pregnancy for MOM & baby… From the 31 week of pregnancy is the baby even more actively, although the expectant mother is probably less strongly feel these movements: It moves more at specific intervals, but…
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5 Tips On How To Tell The Time Of Pregnancy And The Importance Of Counting

Calculate The Weeks Or Months Of Gestation, Ultrasound Examinations Ally And Prenatal Monitoring, Will Assess The Progress Of The Pregnancy And Give A Date When The Baby Will Be Born. track time gravidez1De sudden came the dizziness, and did you notice that my period has not arrived on time, and your mind has appeared that light saying: “WowI’m pregnant”, a wonderful news and we will provide you with the ability to be mom. From this moment you perform tests to confirm the pregnancy, and all of a sudden start to imagine what it will be…
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5th Week of Pregnancy

This happened in the 5th week of pregnancy for MOM & baby… Finally, the long-awaited pregnancy tests can be made! He will show a very strong result in the 5th week. There will be to see something in the ultrasound, if represents for the…
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Dizziness In Pregnancy Is Normal? 4 Tips To Ease The Symptoms

One Of The Causes Of Dizziness In Pregnancy Is Due To The Action Of Hormones (Estrogen And Progesterone), These Hormones Alter Blood Pressure What Makes The Woman Feel A Little Dizzy. dizziness during gravidezQuando the woman get pregnant your whole body goes through numerous changes, which are a way to prepare for arrival of the unborn child. Some of these changes are perceived due to your symptoms, such as dizziness, a very frequent symptom, especially in the early months of pregnancy.

25th Week of Pregnancy

This happened in the 25th week of pregnancy for MOM & baby… From the 25th week of pregnancy, the baby, now about measuring 33 centimeters at 800 grams, must mainly to put weight. If it now came to the world as a…
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5 Tips To Avoid Hair Loss During Pregnancy

With All Changes That Occur With The Woman During Pregnancy, One That Bothers Some Is Hair Loss, Although Only Occurs In Some Pregnant Women. hair loss in gravidezDurante pregnancy a woman’s body goes through numerous changes, which gradually go preparing your body for the baby’s arrival. Some of these changes are already well known, as the dizziness and weight gain, while others are not as common to happen. And the hair loss is one of these infrequent changes during the period of pregnancy, but it can occur in the life of some mothers.

22nd Week of Pregnancy

This happened in the 22nd week of pregnancy at Mama & baby… Now the baby is around 475 grams at about 28 cm on the scale. It is growing more slowly than previously from the 22 week, increases for this but much faster. In the…
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Nutrition In Pregnancy

The great, controversial topic of nutrition in pregnancy. The times when pregnant women were recommended to eat for two are overUnfortunately. No more, but better is the advice of the doctors and nutritionists today. But what does eating better?

How to Treat a Constipated During Pregnancy

Depending On Each Woman’s Body, The Trend Is The Constipation Worse With The Progress Of The Pregnancy, But There Are Ways To Mitigate This Situation Bothers. constipation in pregnancy 6Ter the constipated (also known as constipation and constipation), during pregnancy is a common symptom, and that affects most pregnant women during the gestational period. The symptoms of constipation are featured when you can’t evacuate at least threetimes during the week, and is associated with hard stools, pain to evacuate and very difficult to evacuate after many attempts over more than 10 minutes.