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10 Rights of Birth

I have found an interesting Association called Pro platform rights of birth which has been created under the Mission of collaborating in the creation of a “new culture of birth”. It promotes a pregnancy and childbirth more human and less…
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Baby Growth Stages in the Belly


The Miracle Of Life Is Emotion, We Highlight The Steps In The Development Of The Baby Inside The Womb. Fetal development. The biggest curiosity of a pregnant woman is to know how the baby is growing and developing inside of your womb. In fact,pregnancy is one of the most exciting phases of a woman’s life, and when the woman discovers pregnant, it’s inevitable to be thinking in the face, the hands, the feet, the baby will look like, but more importantly and what else causes concern: how is being the development of the fetus, if…
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Natural Weaning

Sometimes want to or need to breast-feeding mothers off immediately after birth. Then they get drugs in the clinic, to brake the current milk production. It helps in addition every day to drink a pot of mint tea (let seven…
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