Pregnant Week 32

The baby trains their lungs by breathing down amniotic fluid in them. Often it gets hiccups – which you feel in your stomach yourself. The fluid in the pulmonary vesicles is first squeezed out at birth. Take advantage of the time left to give birth to balance, mentally and physically before what you eat and… Read more »

Pregnant Week 31

It is only about ten weeks left of pregnancy and you start to get heavy in the future. Reduce the risk of back problems by trying to have a good posture but not too weak. Less nausea but more motionless? It is still good to move, for example by walking or light exercise. Rest and… Read more »

Pregnant Week 30

Pain, breasts that started to leak colostrum and small kicks visible on the stomach. Now the birth is approaching. Some kids kick more, others stay pretty calm. Small bulges on your round belly can be a foot, an elbow or a baby’s tail. There is less and less room left over for your own organs… Read more »

Pregnant Week 29

Your stomach grows every week. During the last third of pregnancy, most pregnant women go up to 1-3 pounds a month. Now your partner and other people can feel the baby’s movements if they put a hand on their stomach when the baby kicks or turns. The stomach can bulge visibly on one side depending… Read more »

Pregnant Week 28

If you feel short of breath, it is not just because you are a little extra heavy. You also need more oxygen than normal. Most of the pregnancy is already completed! But you’re probably starting to feel heavy. The fact that you are more easily breathable depends not only on the extra pounds, but also… Read more »

Pregnant Week 27

If some fluid comes from the breasts, it is perfectly normal. The growing milk glands show that your body is preparing to take care of a toddler soon. For many, the breasts remain tense and tender throughout pregnancy. The milk glands grow and it can drain some fluid from the breasts. You may also feel… Read more »

Pregnant Week 26

The child starts to recognize his parents’ voices. It can also hear his mother’s heart and rumbling stomach. Now you might start to feel the pregnancy in your legs and feet. The legs swell, and some women get varicose veins. If you experience such problems then rest with your feet in high position, you may… Read more »

Pregnant Week 25

Now the uterus “trains” before birth by contracting and getting hard every now and then. Pain is another step in pregnancy. It is perfectly normal for the uterus to contract and become tense from time to time. Such so-called preamps can come quite spontaneously, but are often triggered by the fact that you go on… Read more »

Pregnant Week 24

You have probably gained 5 to 7 kilos by weight now. Nearly all pregnant women feel a back fatigue, but some experience immediate back pain or weakness. Pelvic pain, so-called joint discharge, is because the cartilage in the joints that hold the pelvic legs together is softened by the delivery. You become agitated and have… Read more »

Pregnant Week 23

Inside the stomach, the baby can suck on the thumb and kick both up and down. It is not uncommon for it to hiccup inside the uterus. Now you can feel more and more clearly how the baby moves, kicking up the abdomen or down the abdomen. Temporary pain in the side may be due… Read more »

Pregnant Week 22

The fetus is now defined as “child”. It sometimes sleeps and is awake sometimes. You probably feel its movements the most when you rest yourself. Some women get fluid in the body during this period. It usually helps if you move around and also try to drink a little more, then also reduces the risk… Read more »

Pregnant Week 21

Heartburn is not uncommon among pregnant women as the baby grows and begins to take more space. Here are the tips that will help. It starts to appear that you are pregnant and you probably start choosing spacious clothes. Get heartburn and acid reflux, avoid coffee, fatty foods and strong spices. The problems tend to… Read more »

Pregnant Week 20

Keep moving so much if you just have the strength. Suitable exercise is good for the baby and makes you well prepared for the rest of the pregnancy – and delivery. During the latter part of the pregnancy, many people have back problems. Such problems can to some extent be counteracted by all-round body training,… Read more »

Pregnant Week 19

Almost halfway through the pregnancy! Tired? It’s probably iron deficiency. Now the stomach is finally starting to look a little round, on some women the navel is starting to cushion slightly. If you are tired, it may be because your own blood levels are falling – the baby uses a lot of the iron you… Read more »

Pregnant Week 18

With the help of the ultrasound, you can now see your baby for the first time, and the little heart beating. Do you want to know the child’s gender or not? Around this week it is time for the first ultrasound examination ! Maybe it is only now that you can really assume that there… Read more »

Pregnant Week 17

A weight gain of two to five kilos is the average around week 17. But some pregnant women go up significantly more. Others lose weight because they measure badly for a long time. Now you probably notice that the clothes are starting to get cramped, most pregnant women have gained two to five kilograms in… Read more »

Pregnant Week 16

The increased amount of blood circulating in your body can have unexpected effects – for example, increased sex drive. The fetus is about 16 inches long in week 16, easy to remember. Hopefully you will now start to feel more alert, less tired than at the beginning of pregnancy. Women who have given birth to… Read more »

Pregnant Week 15

The fetus will start to hear your heartbeat. Inside the womb it is far from silent. Your waist is just about to disappear. It’s the way it should be – know how your body handles everything to help your little one develop in the best possible way. From now on, the uterus grows at a… Read more »

Pregnant Week 14

The nervous system and much more in the fetus develop especially during week 10 to 20. So be afraid of both yourself and the little one inside. Now you have probably started to get a small stomach. If you have already given birth to a baby, your stomach grows a little faster. You get a… Read more »

Pregnant Week 13

Have you ever felt a small splash in your stomach yet? Some women feel fetal movements as early as week 13. But usually it takes a little while, maybe until week 22 if you are a firstborn. Usually, expectant mothers gain weight by 300-400 grams a week during this time. The pregnant aerobics – is… Read more »