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By | December 31, 2022

A member state of the United States of America. Located on the eastern coast of the country, next to the Atlantic Ocean, it covers an area of ​​136 198 km2 and has a population of 8 320 100 residents (2004).

The state of North Carolina is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and borders the states of Virginia to the north, Tennessee to the west, and South Carolina and Georgia to the south. The capital is the city of Raleigh. North Carolina spans three regions: to the west, the eastern Appalachian slope dominated by high ridges (Blue Ridge, Great Smoky Mountains) that culminate at the summit of Mount Mitchell (2,037 m);

in the center, the Appalachian Piedmont, collinéen tray limited to the eastern escarpement, the Fall Line; to the east, the Atlantic coastal plain, embroidered to the northeast by a marshy coast with lagoons, located behind a continuous rope of sandy islands. The main coastal rivers are Roanoke, Fear, Tar and Neuse. They chamfer the coastline through deep estuaries. The state has numerous artificial dam lakes, such as Lake Gaston, on Roanoke. The climate is humid subtropical over the coastal plain, continental to the west. The coast is sometimes hit by violent hurricanes. The forests (pines, peupliers, maple, épicéas) cover an important part of the territory. The state capital is Raleigh, the main city, Charlotte.

North Carolina Landmarks

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North Carolina is a state of the United States and is located in the east of the country on the Atlantic coast north of South Carolina and south of Virginia.
Raleigh is the capital of the state and is in the center of the region. North Carolina is one of the founding states of the USA and attracts many visitors every year due to the many historical memorials on the topic.

Native Americans, the English and the Civil War – Important milestones in US history concentrated in one state

Long before the first Europeans explored the region, Indian cultures lived here that traded with one another for a long time. For example, when the European settlers arrived, the region was inhabited by the Cherokee.

After the area was claimed for the English royal family, it was named Carolina in honor of the then royal father, Charles I. From 1712, North and South Carolina can be spoken of. From the beginning different administrative and government systems developed in the north and south. North Carolina was consistently more like Virginia than its southern neighbor.

Before the American Civil War, North Carolina had a long history of slavery. After some reluctance at the beginning of the war, North Carolina finally sided with the southern states after the northern states attacked the sister state South Carolina.

After the Civil War, North Carolina made a name for itself with the Wright brothers’ flights and ongoing racial segregation. Tens of thousands of African Americans left the region in search of work and a better life.

During the citizens’ movement of the 1960s, there were repeated uprisings by Afro-American students, especially in cities with universities. Sit-ins spread across the country as a form of protest.

Agriculture still plays an important role in North Carolina’s economy today. The state is the largest tobacco producer in the United States.

The most visited national park in the USA and idyllic silence – opposites attract

North Carolina is divided into three areas. The mountainous landscape in the interior of the state on the western border is characterized by the Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains. To the east of this is the Piedmont Plateau to which the coastal plain on the Atlantic coast connects.

North Carolina draws its visitors today primarily with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is the most visited national park in the USA. The park is located in the Appalachian Mountains, on the Tennessee border, and the forests here are some of the oldest on earth.

Smaller parks can also be found in many locations in North Carolina. Places like Morrow Mountain State Park or South Mountains State Park are a bit less known and further away from the main tourist flows, but are always worth a detour.

The west of North Carolina is particularly famous for its waterfalls. The Whitewater Falls are one of the highest on the east coast at 125 meters.

Another attraction is the sliding rock. The huge natural water slide brings many visitors a welcome cooling off, especially in summer.

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