Natural Childbirth-What Nobody Told You

Childbirth is an event which usually arouses great fear among women, especially in pregnant women. However, it is good to remember that childbirth is a natural thing, to which the female body is fully prepared. In addition, the natural childbirth brings numerous advantages whenever runs normally.

If you’re pregnant for the first time, learn more about the natural childbirth-what no one ever told you.

11 things no one tells you

Check out below several clarifications on many of the concerns of women related to natural childbirth

Breaking of the bag

Although in most cases the water breaks naturally, in some cases this may not happen, being a nurse doing it. But don’t worry, it’s a safe and painless procedure with maternity clothes from


The dreaded contractions are nothing but pain of menstruation, but much stronger. The pain felt largely depends on the sensitivity of each woman, and even the most painful sensations last only a few seconds.

Vaginal touch

The vaginal touch is a procedure done by an obstetrician to check the condition of the baby, being something that is going to hurt a little.


Anesthesia, epidural, usually will save you from the pain of the contractions, feeling it but without any painful sensation.

Pooping during childbirth

Many women are afraid of shame that can feel when defecating during labour. This can really occur, being something perfectly natural and the medical team is used.

Vaginal cutting

The Court’s other affairs that vaginal more frighten women. However, this is only done when necessary, and as is anesthetized, you won’t feel any pain. If necessary, after delivery the woman will have stitches, which you won’t feel because still under the effects of anesthesia.

Remove the bag

When the market does not come out naturally after childbirth, it is necessary to be the doctor to withdraw it, being a procedure that causes pain.


After delivery is normal to feel pretty cold, due to high for effort that went on during the birth. It’s perfectly normal.

Stand up

Passed 1 hour after delivery, if you have taken few or no points, you can get up on her own and even walk.

Internment camp

The normal time of hospitalization after delivery standard is 3 days, and may in some cases be only two.


Recovery from a vaginal delivery is very fast, just be careful not to make great efforts in the early days.